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Type of site
Online and print media
Available inEnglish
OwnersDoG Tech LLC
Created bySimon Brew [1]
EditorMike Cecchini (editor-in-chief) [2]
Launched2007;15 years ago (2007)

Den of Geek is a US and UK-based website covering entertainment with a focus on pop culture. [3] The website also issues a bi-annual magazine.



Den of Geek was founded in 2007 by Simon Brew in London. In 2012, DoG Tech LLC licensed Den of Geek for the North American markets, opening a New York City office. In 2017, Dennis Publishing entered into a joint venture agreement with DoG Tech, LLC. [4]

In 2019, Dennis Publishing divested its share in Den of Geek World Limited to DoG Tech LLC.


Den of Geek publishes entertainment news, reviews, [5] interviews, and features. Den of Geek US is overseen by editor-in-chief Mike Cecchini, [6] [7] while the UK edition of the website is edited by Rosie Fletcher. [8] Den of Geek also produces video content. [9]


Den of Geek debuted its print edition in October 2015 at New York Comic Con. The magazine is published twice annually and distributed locally at San Diego Comic-Con in July and New York Comic Con in October.[ citation needed ] The print edition is edited by Chris Longo. [10] In 2017, the magazine was also launched in the UK. [11]

In 2017, a Den of Geek-branded book, Movie Geek: The Den of Geek Guide to the Movieverse, was published. [12] It was followed in 2019 by TV Geek: The Den of Geek Guide for the Netflix Generation. [13]

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