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Egypt Today
Editor in ChiefMohamed Abd El-Baky
PhotographerMohsen Allam (editor)
Categories News magazine
Circulation 14,500 (2013)
PublisherEgyptian Media Group
FounderWilliam Harrison
Founded1979;43 years ago (1979)
CompanyEgyptian Media Group
Country Egypt
Based inCairo
Website Egypt Today
OCLC 30789988

Egypt Today is an Egyptian English-language monthly news magazine owned by Egyptian Media Group. [1]


History and profile

Egypt Today was first published in 1979. [2] It covers Egyptian current affairs and some international news. The magazine is published by IBA media, which also publishes Business Today Egypt , another monthly magazine. [3] [4] Both magazines are based in Cairo. [3]

In March 2005, the magazine was banned in the country due to its article on the 2005 presidential election. [4] The 2013 circulation of the magazine was about 14,500 copies. [5]

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