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Erik Sommer
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Paper (2016)
Born (1978-02-25) February 25, 1978 (age 43)
Known for Contemporary Art, Painting, Sculpture

Erik Sommer (born February 25, 1978) is an American contemporary artist and curator based in New York City. [1] Best known for his weathered paintings [2] and cement installations, [3] his work is often compared to abandoned buildings, [4] eroding stone or forgotten structures. [5] The layers of his paintings peel off the supports, while his cement installations recreate scenes that feel to have been recently abandoned. [6]



Sommer has been exhibiting in both solo and group shows since 2010. [7] Pray To Fallen Skies, [8] his first solo UK show, opened at Rook & Raven in London in November 2012. Consisting of large all-white canvases, the work was exhibited in separate viewing rooms; access to these rooms was limited so that viewers could privately immerse themselves with the work. [9]

And Riding Clouds, which opened in New York City in April 2013, [10] featured Sommer's first cement installation. Apt. 4B consisted of found objects collected throughout the city, which were then cemented and arranged to recreate the living room of a New York City apartment. The show was reviewed favorably by Robert C. Morgan in World Sculpture News. [11]

Painting, Interior, a cement installation of a room being painted, was shown in New York in October 2015. [12] In July 2016 Sommer created and exhibited Die Chemische Reining, a cement installation of a dry cleaner, in Berlin. KALTBLUT Magazine, one of Berlin's leading art and fashion magazines, reviewed the show along with an in-depth interview with Sommer. [13]

Sommer's cement installation of a car, Volvo 240, was displayed in Red Hook [14] during the summer of 2017 before being part of the Occupy Mana [15] exhibition at Mana Contemporary.

In May 2018 Sommer first displayed his street poster and drywall paintings at a group show in Bushwick. [16] In September 2018 he presented his newest cement installation, a cemented recreation of a dentist office titled 1 Hour Tooth Whitening, at Deli Grocery in Brooklyn. [17]

In 2019 Sommer founded Mott Projects, a contemporary art project space.[ citation needed ]

Installation view of Die Chemische Reinigung, (Berlin 2016) Die Chemische Reinigung.jpg
Installation view of Die Chemische Reinigung, (Berlin 2016)

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