Extensive Music

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Extensive Music
Genre Electronic dance music
Country of origin Sweden
Location Stockholm
Official website extensivemusic.com

Extensive Music, previously Global Artist Management [1] is a Swedish record label founded in 1993. [2] Its base is in Stockholm. Extensive Music has sublabels: Extensive Music Sweden, Extensive Music UK and Extensive Music JLT. [3]




Basshunter [4]
Arash [4]
Margaret [4]


Ali Payami [5]
Aneela [5]
Beldina [6]
Bodies Without Organs [7]
Damian Drăghici [8]
DJ Aligator [8]
Frida Appelgren [7]
Günther [8]
Jon Lord [8]
Leo Today [9]
Liquido [8]
Nation X [10]
Puppet Generation [5]
The Sunshinegirls [8]
Velvet [7]

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