Finnish Cup (bandy)

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The Finnish Cup (Suomen Cup, or Finska cupen) in bandy was played for the first time in 1960 and has been played on and off since then. The competition has now been held annually since 2014. It is arranged by Finland's Bandy Association. [1]


YearWinnerRunner upResult
1959–1960 Oulun Palloseura Kouvolan Urheilijain Palloilijat 9–4
1961–1987Not played
1988 Oulun Luistinseura Veitsiluodon Vastus 6–3
1990 Helsingin IFK Oulun Luistinseura 6–5
1991 Warkauden Pallo -35 Oulun Luistinseura 6–2
1992 Helsingin IFK Warkauden Pallo -35 4–1
1993 Warkauden Pallo -35 Helsingin IFK 10–2
1994–2011Not played
2012–2013epävirallisen kilpailun voitti Botnia.
2013–2014 [2] Jyväskylän Palloseura Mikkelin Kampparit 6–1
2014–2015 [3] Lappeenrannan Veiterä Mikkelin Kampparit 4–3
2015–2016 [4] Botnia-69 Jyväskylän Palloseura 5–3
2016–2017 [5] Jyväskylän Palloseura Lappeenrannan Veiterä 4–3
2017-2018 Lappeenrannan Veiterä Jyväskylän Seudun Palloseura 8–2
2018–2019 Porvoon Akilles Lappeenrannan Veiterä 3–2


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The Finnish national bandy team has taken part in all the Bandy World Championships for men since the competition was launched for the first time in 1957. Finland won the championship title in 2004. They have always finished in the top four, and have won 28 medals in 36 championships.

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Sudet is a sports club from Kouvola, Finland, playing bandy and association football. The club was formed in 1912 and was based firstly in Viipuri (Vyborg), then in Helsinki, before finally moving to Kouvola.

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The Bandyliiga is the top level of men's bandy in Finland. The league was founded in 1908 as the Jääpallon SM-sarja and the present name has been used since the 1991–92 season. Bandyliiga is organized by the Finnish Bandy Association and the current chairman is Mika Mutikainen.

The Suomen Palloliiton Saimaan piiri(SPL Saimaa district) was a district organisation of the Football Association of Finland operating from 1924 to 1994. Until the Second World War the district was known as the Suomen Palloliiton Viipurin piiri . It administered football and bandy initially in and around Viipuri, later expanding to cover the southern part of the historical Finnish Karelia, and ultimately in the Lake Saimaa area. Currently it's part of the Suomen Palloliiton Kaakkois-Suomen piiri.

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Botnia-69 is a Finnish bandy club in Helsinki. The club has won the Finnish championship four times, 1989, 1992, 1997 and 2016. In 1992 they were runners-up of the European Cup. Their home arena is the Oulunkylä Ice Rink.

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HIFK Bandy are a bandy club from Helsinki, Finland. HIFK Bandy was founded in 1907 and it is one the oldest bandy clubs in Finland. HIFK are also the most successful bandy club with 17 championship titles. In 1988 they were European Cup runners-up. HIFK Bandy currently plays in Bandyliiga, the premier bandy league in Finland.

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Sakari Salo was a tennis and bandy player from Finland.

Helsingin Kullervo is a football club from Helsinki, Finland. The club was formed in 1919. It used to participate in number of sports including Bandy, Ice Hockey, Pesäpallo and Athletics but now concentrates only in Football. The club is a member of the Finnish Workers' Sports Federation, abbreviated as TUL. In its early days, Club was a powerhouse in TUL Sports, they won several TUL championships in Football, Pesäpallo, Bandy and Athletics.