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Cast Flikken.jpg
The cast of Flikken in 2009
Also known asFlikken Gent
Created by Pierre De Clercq
Erwin Provoost
Written by Pierre De Clercq
Charles De Weerdt
Rik D'Hiet
Carl Joos
Kees Vroege
Directed by Dirk Corthout
Rik Daniëls
Tom Goris
Peter Rondou
Etienne Vervoort
Country of originBelgium
Original languageDutch
No. of seasons10
No. of episodes127
Producer Ludo Busschots
Production location Ghent
Original network Eén (VRT)
Nederland 1 (TROS)
Original release17 October 1999 (1999-10-17) 
19 April 2009 (2009-04-19)
Related shows Flikken Maastricht
Flikken Rotterdam

Flikken (Belgian Dutch for "Cops") was a popular Flemish-Belgian TV series about a police-department located in Ghent. The show started in 1999 and ended on 19 April 2009. In the series, a team of six police officers solved various crimes, petty crimes as well as organised crime. The series always aimed at showing the policework in a realistic way—though a little personal drama was never far off. Of all the actors that came along during the ten seasons, only Mark Tijsmans (playing Wilfried Pasmans) and Ludo Hellinx (playing Raymond Jacobs) appeared throughout the entire series.


Flikken was produced by the VRT and broadcast on Belgian public channel Eén and TROS in the Netherlands. Flikken is very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. The show has had very high ratings of up to 1.8 million viewers during the last (10th) season.

Every year the VRT organises the Flikkendag, a family day where the public can meet the actors of the show. There are many games, demonstrations of the real police and other safety organisations and performances of singers (including some of the actors on the show). On 18 April 2009, a special farewell party was organised in Ghent, in which the actors and crew said goodbye to their fans - thousands had assembled to watch the show on stage.

In the Netherlands a spin-off Flikken Maastricht has had nine seasons so far. A second spin-off, called Flikken Rotterdam is upcoming for 2016.

Media adaptations

In 2005 a video game came out based on the series, Flikken game - De Achtervolging. It received bad reviews for its "unflashy" style. [1]

A second video game, Flikken Game 2: Moord in Hotel Ganda, was release in 2007. The game is a localised version of the 2006 Swedish game Dollar, written by crime writer Liza Marklund. [2]

In 2010 the TV series was adapted into an action comic, written by Zaki Dewaele and drawn by Michaël Vincent. [3]


SeasonNo. of
Runtime Belgium Runtime Netherlands Script
1131999 - 20002001 Pierre De Clercq
2132000 - 20012002 Pierre De Clercq
31320012003 Pierre De Clercq (episode 32 Wim Danckaert)
41320022004 Pierre De Clercq (episode 43, 47, 49 Hilde Pallen)
51320032005 Rik D'hiet & Hilde Pallen & Carl Joos
61320042006 Rik D'hiet & Hilde Pallen & Carl Joos & Geert Bouckaert & Frank de Bruyn
7132005 - 20062007 Charles De Weerdt & Rik D'hiet & Carl Joos & Johan Heselmans & Geert Bouckaert
81320072008 Rik D'hiet
91320082011 Carl Joos (episode 105 Pierre De Clercq, episode 112 & 113 Charles De Weerdt)
101020092011 Pierre De Clercq & Carl Joos & Charles De Weerdt & Kees Vroege & Rik D'hiet


  Other person
  Not in series


Ludo Hellinx Raymond JacobsMain
Mark Tijsmans Wilfried PasmansMain
Andrea Croonenberghs Britt MichielsMain51
Axel Daeseleire Ben VannesteMain41
Joke Devynck Tony DierickxMain1
Cahit Ölmez Selattin AteşMain
Hubert Damen Daniël DeprezMain
Wim Danckaert Kris Geysen6Main315
Katelijne Verbeke Nadine VanbruaneMain54
Maarten Bosmans Bruno SoetaertGerritMain2
Werner De Smedt Nick Debbaut †Main
Ann Ceurvels Sofie Beeckman †Main5
Jo De Meyere John NauwelaertsMain
Rebecca Huys Merel Vanneste35Main2
Tine Van den Brande Lieselot Winter18
Boudewijn de Groot Robert NieuwmanMain
Tania Kloek Tina Demeester3
Ianka Fleerackers Emma BoonNathalie Mouton12Main
Pascale Michiels Cat ReyniersRoos Diepenbeek12Main
Roel Vanderstukken Michiel Dewaele8Main


Kadèr Gürbüz Mihriban Ates27
Margot de Ridder Dorien De Bondt20 
Hugo van den Berghe Taverniers7 
Veerle Malschaert Carla Desseyn 45
Wim van der Grijn Sam de Groot 6 
Bert Cosemans Johan Van LanckerPatrick Levie 16 
Rik Geuns Simon Van Lancker 13 
Danny Timmermans Dominique De Leeuw 14
Pierre Callens Anthony Van Reeth 3 3 
Bart Slegers Tommy De Smit 9 
Karin Tanghe Marianne Van Dijck Lieve Mertens25
Jonathan Raman Rik Jacobs 7 
Michael De Cock Jan Beele Olivier Cools 11
Mathias Sercu Staf DemotteDany De Volder 19

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