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Four Courts Press
Headquarters locationDublin, Ireland
Distribution Gill (Ireland) [1]
IPG (USA) [2]
Key peopleMartin Healy, managing director; Martin Fanning, publisher
Publication typesBooks
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Four Courts Press is an independent Irish academic publishing house, with its office at Malpas Street, Dublin 8, Ireland. [3]

Founded in 1970 by Michael Adams, who died in February 2009, [4] its early publications were primarily theological, notably the English translation of the Navarre Bible. [4] From 1992 it expanded into publishing peer-reviewed works in Celtic Studies, Medieval Studies and Ecclesiastical History, and then into Modern History, Art, Literature and Law. [5] As of late 2020, Four Courts Press had around 500 titles in print and publishing around 50 new works each year. [6]

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