Granicus (band)

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Granicus in 1973
Background information
Origin Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock
Years active 1969 (1969)–1973 (1973), 2016
Labels RCA
Past members Woody Leffel
Wayne Anderson
Allen Pinell
Dale Bedford
Joe Battaglia

Granicus was an American hard rock band formed in 1969 in Cleveland. [1] Performing in clubs in Cleveland, the band were then later signed by RCA Records on March 15, 1973 and released their eponymous debut album in the same year. [2] The band later opened for such performers as Bob Seger, Cactus and Spirit to promote that first record, which has since been critically acclaimed in some classic rock circles. Disbanding in 1973, the group later reunited after finding their first record pirated and selling in Europe. In 2009, they released Thieves, Liars and Traitors on an independent label in 2010. [3] from a collection of unreleased material recorded in 1974. The group had experimented with several genres ranging from heavy blues rock and progressive rock to psychedelic rock and heavy metal. [4] [5]


Formed by drummer Joe Battaglia, the group would practice in his home but later moved to a Cleveland warehouse, a better-suited environment to compose their music with high energy. [3] Commentating on coming of age in a Vietnam back-dropped America, [3] the groups music was highly influenced by late-60s psychedelic rock artists such as Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Blue Cheer as well as early-70s hard rock giants, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The influence would greatly been shown when lead vocalist Woody Leffel would sing in a high-pitched voice similar to Robert Plant, Ian Gillan and Geddy Lee. [2] [6]

In 2016, the band has announced they are working together again. They are attempting to regain control of their since-pirated first record, and are writing material for a third record. Three members of the original group, Battaglia, Pinell and Bedford are writing with Cashin and new vocalist Gerry Schultz. Leffel opted not to work on the third record. [7] The band's second and third records are available on


Principal members
Guest artists on "Thieves, Liars and Traitors"

Granicus III, Better Days:


  1. You're In America
  2. Bad Talk
  3. Twilight
  4. Prayer
  5. Cleveland Ohio
  6. Nightmare
  7. When You're Movin'
  8. Paradise
  1. Thieves Liars and traitors
  2. Space in Time
  3. Equator
  4. I'm Not Sick
  5. Hollywood Star
  6. Wizard of Was
  7. Taste of Love
  8. Slings and Arrows
  9. When You're Movin'/Back Seat of My Car/Bad Talk (Live Jam)

Granicus III, Better Days (2016)

  1. Better Days (title track)
  2. Southbound
  3. Walk Free
  4. Living In Darkness
  5. On The Road Again
  6. Gotta Win Tonight
  7. Take Me Back
  8. Give And Take
  9. Still Wanna Rock It


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