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Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (abbreviated HAZ) is a German newspaper with a circulation of 158,000 (as of 2009) and a widespread resonance all over Germany. It is distributed in Hanover and in all Lower Saxony.


History and profile

Hannoversche Zeitung was founded in 1851. Ulrich Neufert leads the HAZ as chief journalist.

HAZ is part of the Madsack Media Group  [ de ]. [1]

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Prince Ernst August of Hanover (born 1983) Hereditary Prince of Hanover

Ernst August, Hereditary Prince of Hanover is the eldest child of Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, and his former wife Chantal Hochuli.

The Cellesche Zeitung is a medium-size local newspaper with a circulation of 32,200. It is distributed in the town and district of Celle in North Germany by Schweiger & Pick Verlag. Apart from the periphery of its area with Hanover Region, where it also competes with the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, the Cellesche Zeitung has a monopoly over local reporting.

Hans Joachim Schliep Lutheran official

Hans Joachim Schliep is a German Lutheran theologian, pastor and author. From 1990 to 1999 he was director of the Amt für Gemeindedienst, and by May 2000 the commissioner for the environment of the Church of Hanover and the Confederation of Protestant Churches in Lower Saxony. From 1999 to 2008 Schliep was the first pastor at the Kronsberg Church Centre and founder of the congregation at the Expo-neighbourhood in Kronsberg, Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Swinging Hannover, since 2005 enercity swinging hannover, is a jazz festival in Germany that lasts for 2 days every year.

Eilenriede urban forest

The Eilenriede is a 640-hectare (1,600-acre) municipal forest in Hannover, Germany. It is the largest urban city forest in Germany, and also one of the largest in Europe. The Eilenriede is nearly twice the size of Central Park. The biggest German urban "park" in the strict sense of the word, however, is the Englischer Garten München, with "only" 375-hectare (930-acre).

The Hannover Marathon is an annual road running event featuring races over the marathon, half marathon and 10 km distance that is held in May in the city of Hannover, Germany. Over 15,000 people took part in the day's races at the 2011 edition of the event. The half marathon attracts the highest number of entries from the public while the marathon race typically features up to 2000 runners annually.

Stefan Schostok German politician

Stefan Schostok is a German politician of the Social Democratic Party and has been Mayor of Hanover since 6 October 2013. From 2008 to January 2013 he served as a member of the Lower Saxony Legislative Assembly. During that time, he was elected chairman of the SPD group in the Lower Saxony Legislative Assembly (Landtag) in 2010, a position which he vacated in 2013.

Gartenfriedhof cemetery

The Gartenfriedhof or Garden Cemetery is a cemetery in Hanover, created in 1741 and located by the Gartenkirche. The cemetery and the church are both named after the garden parish outside the city walls in front of Aegidien gate. The cemetery, which contains a number of classicising grave markers from the first half of the nineteenth century, was closed in 1864 with the establishment of the Stadtfriedhof Engesohde. Today it forms a park in the middle of inner city Hanover. The graves of Charlotte Buff, the astronomer Caroline Herschel and the painter Johann Heinrich Ramberg are located here. The Gartenfriedhof lies on Marienstraße between Warmbüchenstraße and Arnswaldtstraße.

Aegidientorplatz square

The Aegidientorplatz, colloquially known as Aegi is a busy square in Hanover located above the U-bahn station of the same name. The square was named for the Aegidientor, one of the city gates of Medieval Hanover, which existed until 1780.

The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Hanover, Germany.

The 2015–16 Hannover 96 season is the 120th season in the club's football history. In 2015–16 the club plays in the Bundesliga, the premier tier of German football. It is the club's 14th consecutive season in this league after the promotion from the 2. Fußball-Bundesliga in 2002.

Lina Larissa Strahl German singer-songwriter and actor

Lina Larissa Strahl is a German singer-songwriter and actress. She is known for her roles as Bibi Blocksberg in the Bibi & Tina film series and Frankie in Disney Channel musical drama, The Lodge.

Bombing of Hanover in World War II

The Bombing of Hannover was a series of eighty-eight air raids by RAF Bomber Command and the United States Army Air Forces on the German city of Hannover during World War II. 4,748 residents and 2,034 others were killed. Around 1,000 aerial mines, 34,000 high explosive bombs, 900,000 incendiary bombs and 50,000 fire bombs were dropped. The heaviest raid was that by the RAF on the night of 8/9 October 1943, killing 1,245 people. This was an example of the carpet bombing of suburban and residential civilian targets laid out in the 14 February 1942 Area Bombing Directive.

Landesfunkhaus Niedersachsen

Landesfunkhaus Niedersachsen is a group of buildings of the public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk in Hanover, the state capital of Lower Saxony. The broadcaster is based in Hamburg, but has facilities in the capitals of other states that it serves. The Funkhaus is located on the Maschsee at the Rudolf-von-Bennigsen-Ufer. When it was built from 1949 to 1952, it was known as the Funkhaus Hannover. It includes two halls for public concerts, Großer Sendesaal (1963) and Kleiner Sendesaal, also administrative buildings and an antenna tower.

On 25 March 2018, a 24-year-old woman, Vivien K was stabbed by a Syrian migrant in Burgwedel, Germany. She received life-threatening injuries and was put into an induced coma. She woke up three days later, with broken ribs and part of her pancreas as well as her spleen removed.

Schauspiel Hannover State theatre of Lower Saxony

The Schauspiel Hannover is part of the theatre organisation of the German state of Lower Saxony in its capital, Hanover, the Niedersächsische Staatstheater Hannover. The other part is the Staatsoper Hannover. Schauspiel offers theatre, entertainment and music on five stages, the Schauspielhaus, the Cumberlandsche Bühne, the Cumberlandsche Galerie, and the historic buildings in Old Town, Ballhof Eins and Ballhof Zwei.

Besseres Hannover was a right-wing extremist group from Lower Saxony. The group was banned in September 2012 by Lower Saxony's Interior Minister Uwe Schünemann. The ban became incontestable by order of the Federal Administrative Court of 6 January 2014. It also became known nationwide through the "Abschiebär", a character who appeared in propaganda videos and at various events in Germany.

Villa Nordstern villa

The Villa Nordstern is a former grand residence on the Iltener Straße in Lehrte, Lower Saxony, Germany. It was built for industrial magnate Hermann Manske in 1892. Since 1990 it has stood abandoned, although there have been a variety efforts to restore it as a historic monument or private development.

The hübsche families were the third elite class of the Electorate and Kingdom of Hanover in the 18th and early 19th centuries, after the nobility and the clergy. At the time Hanover was in a personal union with the United Kingdom. The group consisted of the higher bourgeoisie and the elite of university-educated civil servants, and played a significant role in the governing of Hanover, often as higher civil servants. The word hübsche literally means courtly and may be loosely translated as "genteel"; it originally meant that someone was presentable at court. The hübsche families have been described as a "state patriciate." In contrast to old noble families which tended to favour military careers, hübsche families placed emphasis on academic education, especially legal education, and favoured careers in the civil service. The hübsche families were a form of Bildungsbürgertum.

The Lower Saxony derby usually refers to a match between the two Lower Saxonian association football clubs Hannover 96 und Eintracht Braunschweig. As of 2017, 147 such matches have taken place, of which Eintracht Braunschweig won 66 and Hannover 96 won 54; 27 matches ended in a draw.


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