Hep Records

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Hep Records
Founded1974 (1974)
FounderAlastair Robertson
Distributor(s)Allegro Music Group
Genre Jazz
Country of originScotland
Official website www.hepjazz.com

Hep Records is a jazz record company and label founded by Alastair Robertson in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1974.

Hep started as a reissue label for material from radio transcription discs, mainly big band music from the 1940s. Other reissue material includes Fletcher Henderson, Andy Kirk, Jimmie Lunceford, and Don Redman. When it began to issue new recordings, it added Buddy DeFranco, Don Lanphere, and Eddie Thompson. Other musicians on the catalogue include Slim Gaillard, Boyd Raeburn, Spike Robinson, Slam Stewart, Joe Temperley, and Jessica Williams. [1] [2]

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