Highland Peak

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Highland Peak is a summit in the U.S. state of Nevada. [1] The elevation is 9,337 feet (2,846 m). [1]

Highland Peak was named after the Scottish Highlands, the ancestral home of a pioneer citizen. [2]

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South Mountains are a range of mountains primarily in White Pine County, Nevada and partially to the east in Juab County, Utah. The range is sometimes referred to as the Deep Creek Mountains, or the Ibenpah Mountains. The South Mountains are divided from the Kern Mountains to the south by Tippett Canyon on the west and Pleasant Valley to the east. They are divided from the Deep Creek Range to the east in Utah by Johnson Canyon, on the north, and by Water Canyon on the south. The range is bounded on the north by Spring Creek Flat and on the west by Antelope Valley.

Windy Peak is the name of several mountain summits:


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Coordinates: 37°53′38″N114°34′45″W / 37.89389°N 114.57917°W / 37.89389; -114.57917