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Hospital Productions
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Hospital Productions is an American record label founded in 1998 by Dominick Fernow, commonly known as Prurient.

A record label, or record company, is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Sometimes, a record label is also a publishing company that manages such brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists, and maintaining contracts with recording artists and their managers. The term "record label" derives from the circular label in the center of a vinyl record which prominently displays the manufacturer's name, along with other information. Within the mainstream music industry, recording artists have traditionally been reliant upon record labels to broaden their consumer base, market their albums, and be both promoted and heard on music streaming services, radio, and television. Record labels also provide publicists, who assist performers in gaining positive media coverage, and arrange for their merchandise to be available via stores and other media outlets.

Dominick Fernow American experimental musician

Dominick Fernow is an American experimental musician, poet and multimedia artist. He is best known for extreme music released under the stage name Prurient, as well as numerous other aliases including Vatican Shadow and Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. His first releases date back to 1998, the same year in which he founded the record label Hospital Productions.



Hospital Productions was founded in 1998 when Fernow was 16 years old. [1] Many cassettes and CDrs were released in its early years, many of Fernow's own creations under the name Prurient, as well as various local acts. In 2006, a Hospital Productions store was established in the basement of the record store Jammyland. After Jammyland left, Hospital Productions moved into its space and operated until December 1, 2011. [2] [3] Hospital Productions continues to operate as a label. [4]

As of 2019, there have been several controversies surrounding Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement and relating to the releases of certain material, marketing and deception.

A live release (Bread and Genesi), sold as an exclusive cassette release, was later re-released digitally and on vinyl with added bonus tracks. Another album release (Green Graves) was only obtainable with the pre-order of a 20 CD collection of a completely different artist (Skin Crime). And a digital release from 2019 (Simulated Thunderstorm) was marketed as a continuous 90-minute mix. It was instead released as two tracks that have different titles and running times, but are in fact identical. One track merely has an extra two minutes of silence on the end.

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Macronympha is an American Noise music and power electronics group formed 1990 by Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella in Pittsburgh, PA. Tim Oliveira (Stimbox) and Dominick Fernow (Prurient) have occasionally appeared on Macronympha recordings and live performances.

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Vegas Martyrs is black metal noise music band featuring Dominick Fernow better known as Prurient on guitar, Richard Dunn (FFH) on vocals & electronics and Joe Potts on drums. They have released records and cassettes on Hospital Productions, Kitty Play Records, and Troubleman Unlimited.

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<i>Through the Window</i> 2013 studio album by Prurient

Through the Window is an album by the American music project Prurient, the performing name of the artist Dominick Fernow. The three-song album was released on March 19, 2013 through the English label Blackest Ever Black. Though released in 2013, the tracks for Through the Window were recorded in October 2011 at the same time as Prurient's two Hydra Head Records releases — the studio album Bermuda Drain (2011) and the EP Time's Arrow (2011) — and were noted for musically showing more techno influences, akin to one of Fernow's other projects, Vatican Shadow.

<i>Worship Is the Cleansing of the Imagination</i> 2012 studio album (split) by JK Flesh & Prurient

Worship Is the Cleansing of the Imagination is a split album between experimental musicians Dominic Fernow under the pseudonym Prurient and Justin Broadrick under the pseudonym JK Flesh. Released on vinyl on December 11, 2012, Worship Is the Cleansing of the Imagination was the final release of new material by Hydra Head Records, the label founded by former Isis member Aaron Turner.

<i>Bermuda Drain</i> 2011 studio album by Prurient

Bermuda Drain is a studio album by the American artist Prurient, the stage name of Dominick Fernow. The album was released on July 11, 2011 through Hydra Head Records, and was the first release from Prurient through the label. Prurient released a single for the opening track "Many Jewels Surround the Crown" for Record Store Day in 2011.

<i>Suicide Estate</i> 2016 EP by JK Flesh

Suicide Estate or Suicide Estate Antibiotic Armageddon is an EP by JK Flesh, a moniker of English musician Justin Broadrick, and was originally released on February 27, 2016 through Hospital Productions as a cassette. Since then, the EP has been rereleased numerous times in different formats, ultimately culminating in a widespread digital release in February 2017, and a double LP in November 2017. Each edition features a different tracklist.

<i>Rainbow Mirror</i> 2017 studio album by Prurient

Rainbow Mirror is a triple album by the American musical project Prurient, the performing name of the artist Dominick Fernow. It was released on December 1, 2017 through Profound Lore Records. Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Prurient project, Rainbow Mirror was released as a 4xCD and as a 7xLP, which was distributed by Hospital Productions. This Hospital Productions release bundled Rainbow Mirror with a limited cassette version of Godflesh's 2017 album, Post Self. The 8-panel digipak version of the album includes a short story by Fernow and Scott Bryan Wilson.

<i>Death Is Unity With God</i> 2014 studio album by Vatican Shadow

Death Is Unity With God is a studio album by American experimental musician Dominick Fernow under one of his aliases, Vatican Shadow, released on May 31, 2014 as a cassette box set on Hospital Productions and later reissued as an album in February 2015 and on June 11, 2015 on Modern Love.

<i>Troubled Sleep</i> (album) 2003 studio album by Prurient

Troubled Sleep is a studio album by American experimental musician Dominick Fernow under his alias Prurient, released in September 2003 as a limited edition CD on Truculent Recordings.


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