Hvem er hvem?

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Hvem er hvem? (English: Who is Who?) is a Norwegian book series, presenting facts about notable persons from Norway. The first edition was issued in 1912, and the 14th edition came in 1994. [1] In the 2008 edition, edited by Knut Olav Åmås, one thousand persons were selected for presentation. About one third of the articles are longer, signed biographies, while the rest have a shorter, more encyclopedic format. [2]

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Knut Olav Åmås Norwegian writer, editor and politician

Knut Olav Åmås is a Norwegian writer, editor and politician for the Conservative Party.


Edition history

Christopher Brinchmann Norwegian historian

Christopher Brinchmann was a Norwegian archivist, literary historian and critic.

Hjalmar Steenstrup was a Norwegian insurance agent, and Milorg pioneer and intelligence agent during World War II.

Harald Gram Norwegian politician

Harald Gram was a Norwegian jurist, politician and genealogist. He was secretary general for the Conservative Party of Norway for 22 years, deputy mayor of Aker, member of Parliament from 1928 to 1936, and stipendiary magistrate in Oslo from 1936 to 1957. He was also noted for his work during World War II.

The 1st, 2nd, 5th and 11th editions are available online.

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Thomas Edvard von Westen Sylow was the Norwegian Minister of the Army 1848–1852 and 1852–1853, and member of the Council of State Division in Stockholm 1851–1852 and 1853–1854.

Harald Wergeland Norwegian physicist

Harald Nicolai Storm Wergeland was a Norwegian physicist. He was a professor at the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

Events in the year 1880 in Norway.

Nils Juell Dybwad was a Norwegian barrister. He was chief executive officer of the Nordisk Defence Club for twenty-five years.

Irma Ingertha Gram, née Schram was a Norwegian art historian.

Clara Tschudi Norwegian writer

Clara Tschudi was a Norwegian writer.

Sigurd Lambrechts was a Norwegian civil servant.

Henry Bucher Norwegian architect

Henry Bertram Bucher was a Norwegian architect.

Harald Astrup (born 1831) Norwegian businessperson (1831–1914)

Harald Astrup was a Norwegian businessman, wholesaler, and city official.

Johan Herman Thoresen was a Norwegian judge.

Frithjof Prydz was a Norwegian judge.

Frithjof Jacobsen was a Norwegian military officer and sports official.

Carl Christian Weinwich Sylow was a Norwegian military officer and sports official.

Aksel Arstal Norwegian geographer and lecturer

Aksel Arstal was a Norwegian theologist, schoolteacher and geographer.

Hans Daae Norwegian physician and writer

Hans Daae was a Norwegian physician, military officer and sports official.

Carl Fredrik Jensen was a Norwegian judge and civil servant.

Olaf Ditlev-Simonsen (born 1865) Norwegian shipowner

Olaf Ditlev-Simonsen was a Norwegian ship owner who developed one of the largest shipping companies in Norway.

Lilly Heber Norwegian writer and contributing editor

Lilly Heber was a Norwegian literary critic and historian, novelist and magazine editor.

Fredrik Arentz Krog was a Norwegian barrister.


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