Illustrated Life Rhodesia

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Illustrated Life Rhodesia
Editor Heidi Hull
Categories History, news, tabloid
Frequency Fortnightly
Year founded 1968
Final issue 1978
Company Graham Publishing Company
Country Rhodesia
Based in Salisbury

Illustrated Life Rhodesia was a fortnightly picture magazine published in Salisbury, Rhodesia, by the Graham Publishing Company, from at least 1968 [1] to at least 1978. [2] Aimed at the white Rhodesian populace, it carried illustrated articles on Rhodesian history as well as on current affairs and prominent local personalities. [3] [4] [5] [6] It was viewed as liberal by some because, under the editorship of Heidi Hull, [7] [8] it was often critical of the Ian Smith government; [9] nevertheless, it published a favourable report on the 'protected villages' scheme introduced by the government. [10]


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