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Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Death metal
Years active1997–present
Labels Dental Records, Earache Records, Sevared Records
MembersCarl Birath
Roger Tobias Johansson
Gustav Trodin

Insision is a death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. They are currently signed to Sevared Records.



Insision is a Swedish brutal death metal band with a non-Swedish[ clarification needed ] sound. Drawing inspirations from Cryptopsy, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, the group is better associated with death metal from North America.

They have released four albums, Beneath The Folds of Flesh (2002), Revealed and Worshipped (2004), Ikon (2007) and Terminal Reckoning (2016). Beside those, they have released three demos titled "Meant to Suffer" (1997), "Promo 2000" (2000) and "Revelation of the SadoGod" (2001). They did a split with Inveracity called "Revelation of the SadoGod" in 2001. The Insision part is also the aforementioned "Revelation of the SadoGod" demo. They have made 2 EPs The Dead Live On (1999) and End Of All (2011).

The labels that have worked with Insision are Heathendoom Records Sweden, Earache Records UK, Dental Records Sweden, and Sevared Records USA.

In December 2010, Insision signed with the US based "Sevared Records". Insision Recorded the EP End Of All, released in (2011). Sevared Records released the Insision compilation album, 15 Years Of Exaggerated Torment (2012). Terminal Reckoning was released by Sevared Records (2016)


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