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The Institut Alpin Videmanette was a finishing school in the municipality of Rougemont, Switzerland. It was an all-girl school where the lessons were skiing, cooking, dressmaking [1] and French. [1] [2]

In 1973, the school was headed by Monsieur and Madame C. L. Yersin. [3] In 1981, it was reported to have an age range between sixteen and twenty and to teach language and commercial programmes through the medium of the French language. [4]

The main facilities were in Château d'Œx. [5] [6]

Tamara Mellon was at the school in the mid-1980s, when it had some sixty girls and was still headed by Madame Yersin. She later wrote of it that "The assumption was that you were a dunce and that the only hope for you was to attach yourself to what was known as a good provider." In her day there was a smoking room and in the winter months there were skiing lessons every afternoon. Girls would often meet boys from Le Rosey at a nightclub in Gstaad. The winter campus of Le Rosey was nearby. [7]

The school closed in 1991. [8]


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