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Johnny de Mol

John Carel "Johnny" de Mol (born 12 January 1979 in Laren) is a Dutch actor and presenter. He is the son of John de Mol Jr. and Willeke Alberti.

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Johannes Hendrikus Hubert "John" de Mol Jr. is a Dutch media tycoon and television producer. De Mol is one of the men behind production companies Endemol and Talpa and is worth about US$ 2.3 billion. He is known for being the creator of the original Dutch versions of Big Brother and The Voice.

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RTL 4 is a Dutch free-to-air television channel; it is the most-watched commercial station in the country, popular especially with those aged between 20 and 49. RTL 4 is a general entertainment channel with infotainment, television drama, talk shows, game shows, news and talent shows. It is owned by RTL Nederland, a subsidiary of RTL Group. The station has three sister TV channels: RTL 5, RTL 7 and RTL 8, and four thematic TV channels: RTL Z, RTL Lounge, RTL Crime and RTL Telekids.

Tien, previously known as Talpa, was the name of a commercial television channel in the Netherlands. Tien opened on August 13, 2005 as Talpa, following a name dispute with SBS Broadcasting. SBS owned the trademark "TV10" and objected to the use of the word Tien. The owner of Tien, Dutch media mogul John de Mol, decided to rebrand the channel as Talpa, the Latin word for "mole", which is mol in Dutch. Subsequently Talpa became the name of De Mol's holding company.

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