John de Mol Jr.

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John de Mol Jr.
John de Mol jr.jpg
Mol Jr. in 2006
Johannes Hendrikus Hubert de Mol Jr.

(1955-04-24) 24 April 1955 (age 66)
Nationality Dutch
Education Lyceum
Occupation Businessman · Corporate director · Television producer · Film producer
Years active1973–present
Known forFounding Endemol
Founding Talpa Media
Creating Big Brother
Creating The Voice
Net worth US$ 1.5 billion (2017) [1]
(m. 1976;div. 1980)

Els de Mol
(m. 1986)
Children Johnny de Mol
  • John de Mol Sr. (father)
Relatives Linda de Mol (sister)

Johannes Hendrikus Hubert "John" de Mol Jr. (born 24 April 1955) is a Dutch media tycoon television producer and billionaire. De Mol is one of the men behind production companies Endemol and Talpa and is worth about US$ 2.3 billion. He is known for being the creator of several major reality television formats including Big Brother , Fear Factor and The Voice .



De Mol acquired his fortune producing television programmes. In 1997–1999 he developed the popular reality television series Big Brother with his production company, John de Mol Produkties. In 1994 his company merged with Joop van den Ende TV-Producties into Endemol, but it still functioned on its own. He produced Fear Factor , Love Letters, 1 vs. 100 and Deal or No Deal ( Miljoenenjacht ) for Endemol. De Mol sold his share of Endemol in 2000 to Telefónica, but continued to serve as creative director until 2004. In 2005, he was listed on the Forbes Magazine list of the 500 richest people in the world.

In May 2007 De Mol returned as one of the main shareholders of Endemol together with the Italian company Mediaset of Silvio Berlusconi in a 2.6 billion Euro deal.[ citation needed ]

Talpa Media Holding

After departing Endemol in 2004, De Mol founded his own television station. The proposed name, Tien (Dutch for 10), was disputed by competitor SBS Broadcasting, owner of the TV10 brand. The channel had to launch under the Talpa brand, Latin for mole which translates to mol in Dutch. Later the name dispute was ended, which resulted in the rebranding of Talpa to Tien. The station scored bad ratings, despite scooping the rights of the Eredivisie football league. In 2007 De Mol decided to close down Tien and sold the channel to RTL Nederland, retaining a share in that company. De Mol also sold Radio 538 to RTL Nederland, which he acquired in 2005. Talpa remained the name of the holding company managing De Mol's assets and the production company which continued to produce several programmes for the RTL network, including the highly successful Ik Hou van Holland.

Buying SBS

In 2011 Talpa worked together with Finnish media conglomerate Sanoma to buy the Dutch activities of SBS Broadcasting from German broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 Media. As part of that deal De Mol sold his shares in RTL Nederland to the RTL Group, retaining the ownership of Radio 538 and its sister stations Radio 10 Gold and SLAM!FM.

The Voice

In 2010, a new reality competition series, The Voice of Holland , was launched by De Mol. It was a large success in the Netherlands and the formula was sold to several other countries around the globe. The Voice (of America) launched on NBC on 27 April 2011 with De Mol and Mark Burnett as executive producers. In The Voice, the singing auditions are 'blind': the jury is turned with their back to the competitors. Once having 'selected' by pushing a button, the juror turns towards the competitor. This concept, the creation of De Mol and Dutch singer Roel van Velzen, makes it "all about the voice." After these blind auditions, the coaches will train their competitors through knock-out battles and public voting rounds until there is one competitor left, who will be named as 'The Voice'.

Personal life

The launch of a commercial online radio platform by John de Mol (left) and Jan Peter Balkenende. Balkenende en John de Mol jr.jpg
The launch of a commercial online radio platform by John de Mol (left) and Jan Peter Balkenende.

De Mol was formerly married to singer and actress Willeke Alberti. The actor Johnny de Mol is their son. From 1980 to 1984, Luv' singer Marga Scheide was his partner. Outside of television, De Mol controls a large private equity fund which, at one time, owned significant shares of car manufacturer Spyker Cars and telecommunications company Versatel. John's sister, broadcaster and actress Linda de Mol, presents, or appears in, some of Endemol's programmes, including the original Dutch version of Deal or No Deal , Miljoenenjacht (Hunt for Millions).

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Radio 538 Dutch radio station

Radio 538 is a Dutch commercial radio station active since 1992 and based in Hilversum. It is the second most-listened-to radio station in the Netherlands. Radio 538 refers to the wavelength that Radio Veronica was broadcast on in the seventies. This station was intended for the younger generation and is owned by Talpa Network. It plays a hybrid of current dance, R'n'B, pop and rock hits, mainly based upon the Dutch Top 40 chart. The station neither focuses on a CHR/Top-40 format, nor a more Dance-intensive approach. The breakfast and drivetime shows are more talk-intensive than others. Traditionally, the station was only obtained through cable, however in 1998 the station upgraded to a different frequency package, allowing for different frequencies by region. Radio 538 started the hip-hop and contemporary R&B program Juize, which developed into the radio station Juize.FM on 18 July 2004. Later, in 2011, Radio 538 created a sister station called TV 538.

SLAM! is a Dutch commercial national radio station that plays current-based rhythmic and dance hits. SLAM! has a strong commitment in breaking new dance music. The playlist and presentation serves as a combination of 538 and 3FM. The station is broadcast in the Netherlands and can be received via the ether FM, Internet (worldwide) and cable. The broadcasting building and studios of SLAM! are located in Naarden, North Holland. In 2012, it was announced that SLAM! has the largest market share among the country's young people (16.8%). It is a sister station of 100% NL.

RTL 4 Dutch free-to-air television channel

RTL 4 is a Dutch free-to-air television channel; it is the most-watched commercial station in the country, popular especially with those aged between 20 and 49. RTL 4 is a general entertainment channel with infotainment, television drama, talk shows, game shows, news and talent shows. It is owned by RTL Nederland, a subsidiary of RTL Group. The station has three sister TV channels: RTL 5, RTL 7 and RTL 8, and four thematic TV channels: RTL Z, RTL Lounge, RTL Crime and RTL Telekids.

Net5 Dutch commercial TV channel

Net5 is a Dutch commercial TV channel and is part of Talpa TV, formerly a part of SBS Broadcasting B.V. and now owned by Talpa Network. Other channels of the group in the Netherlands are SBS6, Veronica, and SBS9. It is aimed at high-educated female viewers. The station broadcasts various series, reality shows, and films.

Tien, previously known as Mol, was the name of a commercial television channel in the Netherlands. Tien opened on August 13, 2005 as Mol, following a name dispute with SBS Broadcasting. SBS owned the trademark "TV10" and objected to the use of the word Tien. The owner of Tien, Dutch media mogul John de Mol, decided to rebrand the channel as Mol, the Latin word for "mole", which is Talpa in Dutch. Subsequently Talpa became the name of Mol's holding company.

RTL 7 is a Dutch free-to-cable television channel that was launched as Veronica on 1 September 1995. RTL 7 is a so-called men's channel with action films, reality television about crime and professions, soccer, motorsport and talk shows about sports. During daytime business and financial news channel RTL Z was broadcasting on RTL 7 till RTL Nederland revamped RTL Z into a 24-hours channel on 7 September 2015.

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Veronica is a Dutch commercial television channel currently a part of Talpa TV. The channel was launched as TV10 Gold on 1 May 1995, then became TV10, Fox, Fox 8 and V8, before becoming Veronica on 20 September 2003. The channel is dedicated to young adults and the male audience.

Linda de Mol Dutch actor and television presenter

Linda Margaretha de Mol is a Dutch actress and television presenter in the Netherlands and Germany. She is the sister of Endemol co-founder John de Mol. She has her own magazine called LINDA.

RTL Nederland

RTL Nederland Holding B.V. is a subsidiary of the RTL Group. The media company is located in Hilversum. Although the licences of its TV-stations RTL 4, RTL 5, RTL 7, RTL 8, RTL Z, RTL Lounge, RTL Crime, and RTL Telekids are issued by Luxembourg, the company targets the Dutch market. Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Sven Sauvé, who used to be the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of RTL Nederland.

RTL 8 Dutch free-to-air television channel

RTL 8 is a Dutch free-to-air television channel that was launched on 18 August 2007 replacing Tien, previously known as Talpa. RTL 8's main target is the female audience. It broadcasts soap operas, talk shows, films and reruns of programmes from its sister RTL channels. In the mornings and late afternoons children's channel RTL Telekids is broadcasting on RTL 8. Officially RTL 8, along with all other Dutch RTL channels, is broadcasting under a Luxembourg television license. Therefore, the channel is also headquartered in Luxembourg. By doing this RTL can avoid more severe control by the Dutch media authorities, as Luxembourg does not have a strict authority that regulates its broadcasters.

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Patty Brard is a Dutch entertainer of Indo (Dutch-Indonesian) descent. She is a TV personality and a singer notable as a former member of the girl group Luv'. For four decades, she has often hit the headlines of the tabloid press.

Radio 10 (Netherlands) Radio station in Hilversum

Radio 10 is a Dutch commercial radio station that mostly focuses on songs from the 1970s to 2000s, with a moderate amount of mid-1960s' and 2010s' hits. It is one of the oldest, still remaining, commercial radio stations of the Netherlands.

Talpa Network is the company in which John de Mol Jr. has transferred all of its media activities. Besides John de Mol, who as majority shareholder owns 80% of the company, Rabo Participaties owns a 20% stake in the media company. The holding company has amongst the 538 group with radio station Radio 538. Talpa Media, formerly part of Talpa Holding, has been sold to ITV plc and is a separate business unit within ITV Studios.

Talpa Radio

Talpa Radio is a radio company of Talpa Media, in which various radio and television activities are housed. The group was founded on 1 January 2012 as a result of an acquisition of Radio 538 by Talpa from RTL Nederland. Since 1 October 2016 the company was merged with the Sky Radio Group a company owned by the Telegraaf Media Group (TMG) after the announcement in February at that same year.

The Voice Kids is a Dutch talent show produced by Talpa Productions and broadcast on RTL 4 since January 27, 2012. It was hosted by Martijn Krabbé and Wendy van Dijk in seasons one to eight. Since season nine it is hosted by Martijn Krabbé and Jamai Loman.

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The Voice Senior is a Dutch talent-search television program produced by Talpa Productions which is broadcast on RTL 4. The show is based on the concept of The Voice of Holland and The Voice Kids, both of which were also created by John de Mol. However, participation is only open to elders of more than sixty years old.

Winston Gerschtanowitz Dutch presenter and actor (born 1976)

Winston Ronald Gerschtanowitz is a Dutch presenter and actor.


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