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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Erik Balling
Written by Erik Balling
Starring Helle Virkner
Henning Moritzen
Cinematography Poul Pedersen
Edited by Carsten Dahl
Music by Ulrik Neumann
Svend Asmussen
Arvid Muller, lyrics
Distributed by Nordisk Film Kompagni
Release date
  • 1956 (1956)
Running time
105 minutes

Kispus is a 1956 Danish romantic comedy film written and directed by Erik Balling. The film was the first Danish feature movie to be filmed in colour. [1] [2] [3]



The eccentric fashion designer Mr. Marcel gives his newly designed gown to the common working-class seamstress, Eva, when he sees how well it fits her. He then bets the actress who originally ordered the gown that if Eva wears his creation to an upcoming movie premiere, she will be accepted as a high-society woman. He is right and Eva attracts the young aristocrat Jakob. Eva fears that Jakob will discover her lowly background, but Jakob himself is a fraud. He is only a poor student who works as a chauffeur and sells his books to take her out. After numerous misunderstandings and complications, love wins out over snobbery and fraud.


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