La Maison du Bonheur

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La Maison du Bonheur
La Maison du bonheur poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Dany Boon
Written by Dany Boon
Produced by Claude Berri
Starring Dany Boon
Michèle Laroque
Daniel Prévost
CinematographyJean-Marie Dreujou
Edited byLuc Barnie
Music by Philippe Rombi
Pathé Renn Productions
TF1 Films Production
Les Productions du Ch'timi
Distributed by Pathé
Release date
  • 7 June 2006 (2006-06-07)
Running time
100 minutes
Budget$10.5 million
Box office$7.3 million [1]

La Maison du Bonheur (The House of Happiness) is a 2006 French comedy film directed by Dany Boon, adapted from the play La Vie de chantier (Life on a building site).



Charles Boulin is a debt collector for a credit company called Crédilem.

After his wife Anne accuses him of being tight-fisted, he decides to surprise her by buying a house in the country... but before he manages to do so the house is snatched up by one of his colleagues. In his disappointment he steals his colleague's bag which contains the signed deeds. As he has already been given several warnings at work, he is sacked on the spot.

To reduce renovation costs, Charles Boulin seeks the help of Jean-Pierre Draquart, the shifty estate agent who sold him the second house in his catalogue. This swindler calls up his "best team": Mouloud Mami and Donatello Pirelli - who as workers are both perfectly incompetent. As the renovation progresses, the house gradually turns into ruins.

Charles soon finds himself in debt after being refused a bank loan and then has to sell the family apartment without letting his wife or daughter find out. He survives on odd jobs, whilst scheming in order to convince his family to move into the "new" house...


Box office

CountryAdmissions [2]
France 1,146,962 [3]
Spain 54,101
Belgium 5,803
Switzerland 2,259 [4]
Luxembourg 760


The CD soundtrack, including the scores of Nothing to Declare and Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, all composed by Philippe Rombi.

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