Les Georges Leningrad

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Les Georges Leningrad
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Background information
Origin Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Genres Experimental rock
Years active1999 (1999)–2007 (2007)
LabelsLes Records Coco Cognac
Troubleman Unlimited
Website lesgeorgesleningrad.org [ dead link ]
Past membersPoney P
Mingo L'Indien
Bobo Boutin
Toundra LaLouve

Les Georges Leningrad were a Canadian experimental rock and punk rock group [1] based in Montreal, Quebec.


Les Georges Leningrad were known for their extravagant stage costumes, including masks in particular. [2] [3] They frequently gave contradictory, incomprehensible or ludicrous answers to interviewers' questions. [4] [5] They have been elected twice "freakiest local act" by the readers of the weekly newspaper Montreal Mirror .


Les Georges Leningrad formed in 1999 in Montreal. The members took turns at bass, keyboard, guitar, drums and vocals, sometimes using a drum machine. [6] The band originally consisted of four members; they were reduced to a trio with the departure of bassist Toundra LaLouve after their first album was released. [3] The band produced several albums, 2002'a [7] including Sur les Traces de Black Eskimo in 2004. [8]

In 2007 the band created the score for Asparagus: A Horticultural Ballet, which was performed at Conway Hall in London, England. [9]

After announcing in early 2007 on their MySpace page that they had broken up, Les Georges Leningrad now say that they may play more shows sometime in the future.



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