List of mayors of Jeffersonville, Indiana

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List of mayors of Jeffersonville, Indiana is a list from the first mayor to the current mayor of the city.



Jeffersonville was founded in 1802 and was run by trustees until 1839 in which Dr. Nathaniel Field, a state legislator and trustee of Jeffersonville, secured legislation to make Jeffersonville a city. [1] In April of that year the first mayor would be elected. The position would be a part-time position until 1964 with Mayor Richard Vissing becoming the first full-time mayor.


#NameTerm startTerm end Party
1Isaac Heiskell18391843
2Christopher Peasley18431845
3William Cross18451848
4William F. Collum
(1812–1866; aged 54)
5John D. Shryer
6Uriah Damron18551856
7Thomas J. Downs18561857
8William Lackey18571858
9John D. Shryer18581861
10O.C. Woolley
(1808–1895; aged 87)
18611865 Democratic
11John Ware18651867
12Gabriel Poindexter
(1827–1890; aged 62)
January 1, 1867December 31, 1869 Republican
13Levi Sparks18691873 Democratic
14Burdet C. Pile
(1805–1985; aged 80)
18731875 Democratic
15 Luther Warder (1st)
(1841–1902; aged 60)
18751883 Democratic
16 John M. Glass
(1843–1925; aged 82)
18831885 Republican
17Herman Preefer18851887 Democratic
18Luther Warder (2nd)18871891 Democratic
19Benjamin H. Robinson18911894 Republican
20Isaac Whiteside18941898 Republican
21Thomas Rader
(1859–1904; aged 44)
January 1, 1898December 31, 1902 Democratic
22Abraham Schwaninger
(1844–1906; aged 62)
19031904 Republican
23Henry Burtt
(1852–1932; aged 79)
January 1, 1904December 31, 1906 Democratic
24Edward N. Flynn19071909 Republican
25James E. Burke19101912 Democratic
26Jonas G. Howard, Jr.
(1886–1964; aged 78)
19131913 Democratic
27Earnest W. Rauth19141917 Democratic
28Newton H. Meyers19181921 Republican
29Joseph Warder
19221925 Democratic
30Harry Poindexter
(1857–1937; aged 80)
January 1, 1926December 31, 1929 Republican
31Allen W. Jacobs19301938 Republican
32Homer Vawter
(1894–1958; aged 64)
19391942 Republican
33Samuel G. Shannon
(1893–1975; aged 82)
19421951 Republican
34Charles Hoodenpyl
(1904–1986; aged 82)
19521963 Democratic
35 Richard Vissing
(1915–1987; aged 72)
January 1, 1964December 31, 1983 Democratic
36 Dale Orem
(born in 1938; age 83)
January 1, 1984December 31, 1991 Republican
37 Raymond Parker
(born in 1937; age 85)
January 1, 1992December 31, 1995 Democratic
38 Thomas Galligan (1st)
(born in 1946; age 75)
January 1, 1996December 31, 2003 Democratic
39 Rob Waiz
(born in 1963; age 59)
January 1, 2004December 31, 2007 Democratic
40Thomas Galligan (2nd)January 1, 2008December 31, 2011 Democratic
41Mike MooreJanuary 1, 2012Present Republican

Referenced from the Encyclopedia of Louisville. [1]

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Robert L. Waiz, Jr is a politician of Jeffersonville, Indiana. He works in real estate and has been on the city council and served as mayor. Waiz, a Democrat, was first elected mayor in 2003, defeating two-term incumbent Tom Galligan in the May Democratic primary and then defeating Republican Monty Snelling in the November general election. On May 8, 2007, he lost the Democrat primary against Galligan; who went on to win the general election in November 2007. Rob Waiz was the youngest mayor elected in the city's modern history.

Tom Galligan (mayor)

Thomas R. Galligan is a former three-term mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States, serving from 1996 to 2003 and again from 2008 to 2011. Galligan succeeded incumbent Raymond Parker Jr. in the 1995 mayoral election and was unseated by challenger, Rob Waiz, during the 2003 election. Galligan defeated Waiz during the 2007 election and was defeated by Clark County Commissioner, Mike Moore, during the 2011 election.

8664 was a grassroots campaign based in Louisville, Kentucky, that aimed "to advocate for the revitalization of Louisville through the removal of Interstate 64 (I-64) along the riverfront and the adoption of a transportation plan that will provide long-term benefits to the region's citizens, neighborhoods, environment and economy".

Huston Quin was mayor of Louisville, Kentucky from 1921 to 1925. He was educated in public schools in Louisville and received a law degree from the University of Louisville School of Law in 1900. He practiced law with the Louisville firm Helm & Bruce until 1908, when he became a city attorney. He left the position in 1912 to reenter private practice, but was appointed to the city attorney position in 1917. In 1918 he was elected to the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

Dale L. Orem is an American businessman, politician and civic leader who served as mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana from 1984 to 1991. Orem was active in sports by playing for the University of Louisville and later coaching at the school. Orem also was a National Football League official.

Richard Vissing (1915–1987) was mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana. He served five terms from 1964 to 1983, making him one of the longest serving mayors in the state, and was the city's first full-time mayor. During his terms as mayor he was credited for helping revitalize the city, built the new city-county building and added parks to the city such as River City Park, now named Vissing Park in his honor. One of the notable accomplishments was the purchasing of original Jeffersonville's Ken Ellis Center during the 1970s which was originally a tavern, in 2004 the original building was destroyed by a tornado.

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Jeptha Barnard Bright Jr, better known as Barney Bright, born in Shelby County, Kentucky and was a sculptor from Louisville, Kentucky, is best known for his work on the Louisville Clock.

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Edmond Herbert Barmore was an American football player and businessman. He played for the first college football team at the University of Michigan in 1879 and was the first Michigan Wolverines football player to play at the quarterback position. He later went into the business of building steamships in Jeffersonville, Indiana, from 1881 to 1886. He moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1886, where he founded and operated the Los Angeles Transfer Company for approximately 40 years.


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