Liv Corfixen

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Liv Corfixen
Born (1973-01-13) 13 January 1973 (age 49)
Occupation Actress, film director
Spouse Nicolas Winding Refn (2007-present) [1]
Parent(s) Teit Jørgensen, Lizzie Corfixen

Liv Corfixen (born 13 January 1973) is a Danish actress and documentary filmmaker.[ citation needed ]


Early life

Corfixen is the daughter of cinematographer Teit Jørgensen and actress and editor Lizzie Corfixen. But in a French Interview her husband Nicolas Winding Refn claims she is the biological daughter of Fritz Lang. [2]



Corfixen worked as an actress in Denmark, appearing in a small roles in Susanne Bier's The One and Only and her husband Nicolas Winding Refn's films Pusher , Bleeder , and Fear X .


While Refn was filming Only God Forgives , Corfixen and their children moved to Bangkok for 6 months to accompany him. [3] While her husband was working and their daughters were in school, she began filming a behind-the-scenes look at Refn and his filmmaking process. The film was released as My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn , which premiered at the 2014 Fantastic Fest and Beyond Fest. Through it, she explores the relationship between her and her husband, who happens to be a movie director. The documentary has received positive reviews from both events. [4] [5]

Personal life

Corfixen is married to director Nicolas Winding Refn [6] with whom she has two daughters. [7]

In 2006 she competed in Vild med dans , the Danish edition of Dancing with the Stars . She placed 8th with her professional partner, Mads Vad.

In 2016 during a press conference at Cannes for his film The Neon Demon , Refn said that director Lars von Trier had inappropriately propositioned Corfixen for sex. [8]

In 2019, at the Cannes Film Festival, Refn claimed that Fritz Lang was Corfixen's biological father, in his speech following the screening of Too Old to Die Young . [9]

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