Lola Harvey

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Lola Harvey
OccupationActress, Screenwriter
Years active1930-1934 (film)

Lola Harvey was a British screenwriter and film actress. She and her husband Syd Courtenay were employed by British International Pictures, the leading British film studio of the era, to write screenplays together. Their work provided a number of scripts for the popular comedian Leslie Fuller. [1]


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Syd Courtenay was a South African-born British actor and screenwriter. He was a frequent collaborator with the comedian Leslie Fuller. Courtenay first met Fuller in 1919 in Margate and they soon struck up a partnership with routines featuring their comedic character Bill. With the arrival of sound films they were signed to British International Pictures and made their first film Not So Quiet on the Western Front in 1930. They made a large number of films during the 1930s, generally featuring the character of Bill, with Courtenay writing and acting in many of them. He was married to Lola Harvey, who co-wrote a number of films with him.

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