Love, Honour and Obey

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Love, Honour and Obey
Directed by Dominic Anciano
Ray Burdis
Produced byDominic Anciano
Ray Burdis
Written byRay Burdis
Dominic Anciano
Starring Sadie Frost
Jonny Lee Miller
Jude Law
Ray Winstone
Kathy Burke
Sean Pertwee
Denise Van Outen
Rhys Ifans
Narrated byJonny Lee Miller
Music by John Beckett
Cinematography John Ward
Edited by Rachel Meyrick
Distributed by United International Pictures [1]
Release date
  • 9 February 2001 (2001-02-09)(US)
Running time
103 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Love, Honour and Obey is a 2000 mock gangster film starring several members of the Primrose Hill set. It was jointly written and directed by Dominic Anciano and Ray Burdis (who also appear in the film) as a follow-up to their 1998 film Final Cut . As with Final Cut, most of the characters have the same name as the actors who play them. The film also features a cameo appearance from former East London boxer turned comedian, Ricky Grover.



Jonny (Jonny Lee Miller) is working as a courier and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his life. He asks long-running school friend Jude (Jude Law) to help him into the North London criminal gang run by his uncle Ray (Ray Winstone). As Jonny gets more involved in the image of the criminal world, he starts making mistakes and through a mutual dislike for rival gangster Matthew (Rhys Ifans) inadvertently starts a war with the South London mob, headed up by Sean (Sean Pertwee).


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Final Cut is a film released in 1998, jointly written and directed by Dominic Anciano and Ray Burdis. This film features several of the actors / actresses from the Primrose Hill set. It was nominated for the Golden Hitchcock at the 1999 Dinard Festival of British Cinema. All the characters in this film share their forename with the actors / actresses who play them, a gimmick used in the directors' later film Love, Honour and Obey (2000).

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