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Ma Desheng, born 1952 in Beijing, is a Chinese artist and one of the founding members of the Stars Group. After being arrested for his role in arranging the group's first exhibition and repressions against "liberal thinkers", the artist relocated to Paris in 1986. Ma is self-trained as a woodblock craftsman, his works are held in various significant public and private collections including the Ashmolean Museum, and the British Museum. [1] [2] [3]

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The Stars Art Group or simply "The Stars" was a Chinese avant-garde group of non-professional artists in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was founded by Ma Desheng and Huang Rui and included Wang Keping (王克平), Qu Leilei, Ah Cheng, Ai Weiwei, and Li Shuang (artist) as the only female member. A historically significant exhibition, now called the Star Art Exhibition, took place in late 1979 in Beihai Park, Beijing, outside the China Art Gallery. After the exhibition was closed by officials, the group staged a protest for cultural openness. They succeeded in reopening the exhibition. Around and after 1983, the group disbanded, partly due to their members going into exile under political pressure, especially the Anti-Spiritual Pollution Campaign of 1983.

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