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Matt Smith

Matt Smith is an Australian jazz guitarist. He is most widely known as the guitarist in the Australian rock pop band Thirsty Merc but also plays guitar for Sydney afrobeat/reggae band The Strides. He joined Thirsty Merc in January 2010 after helping record the band's third album, Mousetrap Heart, in Los Angeles in late 2009.


Early years

Smith grew up in Mount Warrigal, a large suburb of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. From the age of 5 he took classical piano lessons because he was told that his hands were too small to play guitar. He eventually got his way and was given his first guitar for his 8th birthday [1] and started tuition at 10.

Throughout high school, Smith played in the school concert band and during his HSC developed an interest in jazz. He then went on to study at the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music [2] and completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music in 2007. [3]

Thirsty Merc

Smith first met Rai Thistlethwayte, lead singer of Thirsty Merc, at a gig in Sydney and went on to work with Rai on his solo tour. After Sean, lead guitarist for Thirsty Merc, left the band indefinitely, Smith was asked to record the album Mousetrap Heart with the rest of the band in Los Angeles. Smith was officially made a part of the band in January 2010.

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Thirsty Merc

Thirsty Merc are an Australian pop rock band formed in 2002 by Rai Thistlethwayte, Phil Stack, Karl Robertson (drums), and Matthew Baker (guitar). In 2004 Baker was replaced by Sean Carey who was, in turn, replaced by Matt Smith in 2010. Thirsty Merc have released one extended play, First Work, and four studio albums: Thirsty Merc, Slideshows, Mousetrap Heart and Shifting Gears. The band have sold over 200,000 albums, toured extensively around Australia, and received national radio airplay for their tracks.

Rai Thistlethwayte Australian singer-songwriter

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Phil Stack American musician

Phillip Barry "Phil" Stack is an Australian jazz and rock musician. He is the founding mainstay bass guitarist of the pop rock band, Thirsty Merc, which formed in 2002. He is the regular double bassman for jazz musician, James Morrison; and is the leader of the jazz, rock ensemble, Phil Stack Trio.

<i>First Work</i> 2003 EP by Thirsty Merc

First Work is the debut EP release by Australia rock band Thirsty Merc released in 2003, which appeared on the ARIA Charts top 100. It features early versions of songs that the band re-recorded for their studio album Thirsty Merc.

<i>Thirsty Merc</i> (album) 2004 studio album by Thirsty Merc

Thirsty Merc is the debut studio album release by Australian rock band Thirsty Merc released in 2004.

<i>Slideshows</i> (album) 2007 studio album by Thirsty Merc

Slideshows is the second studio album release by Australian rock band Thirsty Merc. It was released on 21 April 2007, through Warner Music Australia. Six singles were released from the album. The first single "20 Good Reasons", became Thirsty Merc's first single to peak in the Top 10 on the Australian Singles Chart. The second single from the album was "The Hard Way", followed by "Those Eyes", which was released as a digital download in December 2007, only later to be released on CD in April 2008. "Homesick" was released as the fourth single digitally, making available for the first time a single mix of the track. This was followed by a double radio release of singles five and six, "The Whole World Reminds Me Of You" and "Crying In Denial", both of which garnered highly successful airplay runs in a radio edit form.

Karl Robertson is the drummer for Australian rock group Thirsty Merc. As a founding member from 2002, he has performed on all their releases from First Work in September 2003 to the single "The Whole World Reminds Me of You" in December 2008.

"Wasting Time" is a song by Thirsty Merc, released as their debut single in 2003. It was featured on their debut EP, First Work. Its radio success led to release of the band's debut self-titled album, Thirsty Merc, on which the track was featured. The track's accompanying one-shot video was also a huge hit.

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Mousetrap Heart (song) 2010 single by Thirsty Merc

"Mousetrap Heart" is the first single from Thirsty Merc's third album Mousetrap Heart. It was released as a digital download on 21 May 2010.

Mousetrap Heart is the third studio album release by Australian rock band Thirsty Merc. It was released on 18 June 2010, through Warner Music Australia. The title track was released as the first single on 21 May 2010. The album marks the band's first release with guitarist Matt Smith, since joining the band just after the departure of Sean Carey earlier in the year.

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