Matthew Ward (singer)

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Matthew Ward
Born (1958-02-15) February 15, 1958 (age 63)
Grand Forks, North Dakota, U.S.
Genres Contemporary Christian, Jesus music
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter
Years active1972–present
Labels Myrrh, Sparrow, Live Oak
Associated acts 2nd Chapter of Acts

Matthew Ward (born February 15, 1958) is one of the pioneers of the Jesus music genre, later to be called contemporary Christian music. He is best known as a member of the trio 2nd Chapter of Acts, in which he sang and performed with his sisters Annie Herring and Nellie (Ward) Greisen. During his musical career with the 2nd Chapter of Acts from 1973 to 1988, he also recorded solo albums.


Early history

Matthew's music and ministry was in no small part forged from personal family tragedy. In 1968 his mother, Elizabeth Ward, died of a brain tumor; two years later his father, Walter, died of leukemia leaving him and his sister, Nellie orphaned. The Ward siblings all decided that Matthew's older sister, Annie, and her new husband record producer Buck Herring should take in the two younger Ward siblings.

Matthew's older sister, Annie was a self-styled (and self-taught) singer and song writer who wrote and played her songs around the family piano. Matthew and sister, Nelly would often join in as Annie played and eventually they developed extremely tight and intricate harmonies. [1] [2]

As the trio gradually started singing for local coffee houses and small gatherings, they eventually gained the notice of Pat Boone who arranged a contract to record and release two singles with MGM, "Jesus Is" (1972), recorded on Matthew's 13th birthday, and "I'm So Happy" (1973). The fledgling trio also came to the attention of 1960s folk singer Barry McGuire, who had recently become a Christian and was preparing to record his first Christian music album, produced by Buck Herring. The siblings provided background vocals for Seeds and McGuire's 1974 follow-up Lighten Up.

Ward and his sister Nellie were enrolled in the Hollywood Professional School in 1972, and he attended that school for two years. [3]

Recent history

Following his career with the 2nd Chapter of Acts, Matthew Ward has recorded many more solo works and also works in the music industry as a background & jingle vocalist. He has worked with other such artists as Leslie Phillips, Donna Summer, LeAnn Rimes, Randy Stonehill, Sandi Patti, Dennis Jernigan, Jordin Sparks and many others.

The book, My 2nd Chapter: The Matthew Ward Story was released in February 2005. The autobiography includes how Ward battled his own bout with cancer—and won.

Matthew qualified as a Certified Nurse's Aide in 2013. [4]


2nd Chapter of Acts

See 2nd Chapter of Acts Discography

Solo recordings

Collaborations and guest appearances

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