Morteza Aghili

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Morteza Aghili (born 12 September, 1941) is an Iranian actor. [1] [2]

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  1. Mass Mediations: New Approaches to Popular Culture in the Middle ... 0520219260 Walter Armbrust - 2000 - The Persian New Year, with its patriotic and nostalgic character, is also the time when some of the well-known performers of this style, such as Bahman Mofid, Hojjati, Morteza Aghili, and Shahnaz Tehrani, can also be seen on television.24 In addition, many of the advertisements for Iranian food products and services use mardomi- style l)/8 rhythm and its patter style of verse, which is somewhat different in structure and tempo from that found in the more Westernized popular music that ...
  2. Le cinéma iranien: l'image d'une société en bouillonnement 2865379612 - Hormuz Kéy - 1999 ... l'acteur comique iranien Homayoun et dans le rôle de Esi (George), Morteza Aghili. Ces deux comédiens déploient un jeu d'acteur merveilleux. Le film en noir et blanc fut bien accueilli par le peuple et par la critique, unanimes à féliciter le réalisateur.