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On Telecoms S.A.
Industry telecommunications
Headquarters Chalandri, Athens, Attica, Greece
Key people
Andreas Rialas, Chairman
Gregoris Anastasiadis, Managing Director
ProductsTelecom (telephony, internet) and IPTV services
Website on.gr
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Motto: Πραγματικά μεγάλη (Truly great)
Εσείς ζητάτε, η ON πραγματοποιεί (you ask for it, ON makes it real)

On Telecoms was a Greek telecommunications company offering triple play, double play and fixed telephony services in Athens and Thessaloniki through Local Loop Unbundling.


The company was founded on March 2006 and started its commercial operations on January 2007. On November 2009 the company expanded in Thessaloniki. On October 2009 it acquired Vivodi Telecom and achieved the operational integration of the two companies within a few months.
On Telecoms offers a range of telephony, internet and digital TV (IPTV) services for residential customers, small businesses and enterprises.

On June 30, 2015 On Telecoms ceased all services offered, and its IP addresses returned in the RIPE NCC's free pool. [1]

Management Team

The company's management team consisted of some telecoms executives of the Greek market:

Board of directors

You Are One

In July 2010, On Telecoms launched You Are One, a new service that allowed its website visitors to build a tailored program and buy it on-line.


The company's main support channel was 13801, which was available 365 days a year and could provide support regarding technical issues, billing information and other customer service issues.[ citation needed ]


On Telecoms had deployed a backbone network, based entirely on IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol), using up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth interconnection.

Broadband development

As part of its investment plan, the company had completed the “On Telecoms broadband development” project. The project included:

The project was included in the action "Funding of private-sector companies for the development of broadband access in the Regional Areas of Greece” of Information Society S.A. that has been included in the Operational Program Information Society (O.P.I.S.) of the 3rd Community Support Framework. The project’s budget was 4.9 million euro, of which 50% was public expenditure. The expenditure was 80% funded by the European Regional Development Fund and 20% by the Greek Government. The action aimed to increase the availability of new innovative broadband services.

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