Ottawa Victorias

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Ottawa Victorias
City Ottawa, Ontario
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada
League OCHL 1902–03
CAHL Jr. 1903–1905
FAHL 1905–1908
Home arenaVictoria Ice Rink, Ottawa
ColoursPurple, White [1]
General managerJimmie Enright
Bob Harrison, captain of the 1907-08 Ottawa Victorias Stanley Cup challenging team. Bob Harrison, Ottawa Victorias.jpg
Bob Harrison, captain of the 1907–08 Ottawa Victorias Stanley Cup challenging team.

The Ottawa Victorias were an early Canadian ice hockey team. The club challenged for the Stanley Cup in 1908, losing to the Montreal Wanderers.



The club was founded in 1901 by Jimmie Enright, owner and manager of the Victoria ice rink in Ottawa. For two seasons, the team only played exhibition matches, without a defeat. For the 1903 season, the team joined the Ottawa City Hockey League, playing against the Beavers, Emmetts, Nationals and Rialto teams. [1] The Victorias won the OCHL championship against the Emmetts at the Rialto Rink. In the 1904 season, the Victorias joined the Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL), junior division. The Victorias defeated Buckingham, Quebec to win the title. [1] For the following season, the Victorias joined the Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL), coming second against Smiths Falls for the 1905–06 title. [1]

In the 1906–07 season, the Victorias were involved in the on-ice donnybrook with the Cornwall club that resulted in Bud McCourt's death. Cornwall dropped out of the league and the Victorias were awarded the league title. [1]

After being awarded the 1907 title, the Victorias issued a challenge for the Stanley Cup. The Victorias had to play a qualifying game against Renfrew of the Upper Ottawa League. [1] After defeating Renfrew, the Victorias played the challenge against the Montreal Wanderers, losing the two-game, total-goals series 22 to 4 in January 1908.

DateWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamLocation
January 9, 1908Montreal Wanderers9–3Ottawa Victorias Montreal Arena
January 13, 1908Montreal Wanderers13–1Ottawa Victorias
Montreal wins total goals series 22 goals to 4

In the team's final season of 1907–08, the league dissolved after a month's worth of play. Three teams were active, Brockville, Cornwall and Ottawa. The Brockville team was the Renfrew Creamery Kings of the Upper Ottawa league. The Victorias refused to play against Brockville's rented team and the league dissolved.

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Montreal Wanderers Ice hockey team

The Montreal Wanderers were an amateur, and later professional, ice hockey team based in Montreal. The team played in the Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL), the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA), the National Hockey Association (NHA) and briefly the National Hockey League (NHL). The Wanderers were four-time Stanley Cup winners. Prior to the formation of the NHL, the "Redbands" were one of the most successful teams in hockey.

Montreal Victorias 1870s–1939 ice hockey club in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Victoria Hockey Club of Montreal, Quebec, Canada was an early men's amateur ice hockey club. Its date of origin is ascribed to either 1874, 1877 or 1881, making it either the first or second organized ice hockey club after McGill University. The club played at its own rink, the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal. The club was winners of the Stanley Cup in 1895 and held it until 1899, except for a period in 1896. The club remained amateur, splitting from the ranks of teams turned professional in 1908. The club was the first winner of the Allan Cup and continued to play until 1939, when it folded after its 65th season. The club often also fielded junior and intermediate teams.

The Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL) was a Canadian men's senior-level ice hockey league that played six seasons, from 1904 to 1909. The league was formed initially to provide a league for teams not accepted by the rival Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL).

The Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA) was a men's amateur – later professional – ice hockey league in Canada that played four seasons. It was founded on December 11, 1905 with the top clubs from two other leagues: four from the Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL) and two from the Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL). It was formed to maximize the revenues of a now popular spectator sport and help these amateur teams cope with professionalism in the sport. The league would shed its amateur status for the 1908 season, leading to the split between Canadian amateur ice hockey teams playing for the Allan Cup, and the professionals playing for the Stanley Cup. The league would itself dissolve in 1909 over a dispute between team owners over business issues.

Alf Smith (ice hockey) Canadian ice hockey player and coach

Alfred Edward Smith was a Canadian amateur and professional ice hockey forward who played for the Ottawa Senators and Kenora Thistles. He had six younger brothers who played senior-level hockey in Ottawa: Daniel, Jack, Harry, Tommy, Billy and George Smith. He was captain of the Ottawa Hockey Club and also coached the team.

Ottawa Senators (original) Canadian ice hockey club from 1883 to 1954

The Ottawa Senators were an ice hockey team based in Ottawa, which existed from 1883 to 1954. The club was the first hockey club in Ontario, a founding member of the National Hockey League (NHL) and played in the NHL from 1917 until 1934. The club, which was officially the Ottawa Hockey Club, was known by several nicknames, including the Generals in the 1890s, the Silver Seven from 1903 to 1907 and the Senators dating from 1908.

The 1910–11 NHA season was the second season of the now defunct National Hockey Association. The Ottawa Hockey Club won the league championship. Ottawa took over the Stanley Cup from the Montreal Wanderers and defended it against teams from Galt, Ontario, and Port Arthur, Ontario.

The 1907 ECAHA season was the second season of the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA). Teams played a ten-game schedule. The Montreal Wanderers won the league championship going undefeated, with their only loss of the season coming in a Stanley Cup challenge series with Kenora.

The 1907–08 ECAHA season was the third season of the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA). lasted from. Teams played a ten-game schedule. The Montreal Wanderers would win the league championship with a record of eight wins, two losses.

The 1909 ECHA season was the fourth and final season of the Eastern Canada Hockey Association (ECHA). Teams played a twelve-game schedule. The Ottawa Senators would win the league championship with a record of ten wins, two losses and take over the Stanley Cup.

Billy Hague Canadian ice hockey player

William Robert Hague was a Canadian amateur and professional ice hockey goaltender. He won the Stanley Cup with the Ottawa Hockey Club in 1905. He played in three other Stanley Cup challenges during his career.

Owen McCourt Canadian ice hockey player

Owen "Bud" McCourt was a Canadian ice hockey player with Cornwall and the Montreal Shamrocks. He is most notable for his death as a result of an on-ice brawl in which he was struck in the head by several sticks.

Ottawa ice hockey clubs date back to the first decade of recorded organized ice hockey play. The men's senior-level Ottawa Hockey Club is known to have played in a Canadian championship in 1884. Today, Ottawa hockey clubs are represented in all age brackets, in both men's and women's, in amateur and professional.

Ottawa Capitals Athletic association

The Ottawa Capitals were the competing clubs of the Capital Amateur Athletic Association (CAAA) of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Association competed in ice hockey, lacrosse and other athletics.

1908 FHL season

The 1908 Federal Hockey League (FHL) season was the fifth season of the league. After the death of Bud McCourt, and the resignations of teams from the league, the league had only three teams. The Ottawa Victorias and Cornwall Hockey Club returned from the previous year's teams. The league, previously amateur, was now composed of only professional teams, and billed itself as the 'Federal League.' The Renfrew Creamery Kings of the Upper Ottawa Valley Hockey League would play in the league with home games in Brockville, Ontario, playing as the Brockville team. This situation eventually caused the league to cease operations. Renfrew would return to the FAHL the following season, playing in Renfrew.

1909 FHL season

The 1909 Federal Hockey League (FHL) season was the sixth and final season of the league. The league had four teams participate this season, Cornwall, returning and three new entries, Ottawa Senators, Renfrew Creamery Kings and Smith's Falls. Smith's Falls had previously played in the league. Renfrew was the class of the league, winning all of its games to claim the championship.

Larry Gilmour Canadian ice hockey player

Charles John "Larry" Gilmour was a Canadian professional ice hockey player in the early 1900s. He was a member of the 1908 Stanley Cup champion Montreal Wanderers.

The 1908–09 Montreal Wanderers season was the sixth season of play of the Montreal Wanderers. The Wanderers, as defending Stanley Cup champions, defended the Cup against Edmonton before the season started. The Wanderers finished second overall in the ECHA standings and the Ottawa Hockey Club would win the league championship to take over the Stanley Cup.

The 1910 NHA season was the first season of the National Hockey Association men's professional ice hockey league. The season started on January 5, but was suspended immediately and the league then absorbed the Ottawa and Shamrocks teams of the Canadian Hockey Association and the season continued from January 15 to March 15. Seven teams played 12 games each. The Ottawa Hockey Club played two Stanley Cup challenges during the season, but lost the Cup to their rivals the Montreal Wanderers who won the league championship and played a Cup challenge afterwards.


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