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Pete Prown

Pete Prown (born 1963) is an American writer, author, guitarist, and music journalist.


Fiction Books. Among other projects, Prown writes fantasy fiction, publishing the following via

These are books in the "Chronicles of Dorro" series, with more titles to follow. His literary website is

MusicRecordings. Beginning in 2006, released a series of indie CDs showcasing his noted guitar work and receiving strong reviews:

Guitar Garden is an instrumental progressive rock band led by American guitarist and music journalist Pete Prown.

Guitar Journalism. From 1993 to 1998 Prown was the editor in chief of the international magazine Guitar Shop, [1] followed by his role as a Contributing Editor to Vintage Guitar magazine. [2] He is also the author of several rock-music reference and guitar-instructional books and CDs, such as:

Vintage Guitar magazine is a consumer publication that focuses on vintage and classic fretted instruments, amplifiers, effects, and related gear, as well as notable players from all genres and eras. The publication's feature stories and monthly columns cover a diverse range of topics by contributors, including some of the biggest names in the industry and renowned authorities like Dan Erlewine, George Gruhn, Wolf Marshall, Richard Smith, and Seymour W. Duncan, as well as some of the best-known writers in the field, including Walter Carter, A. R. Duchoissoir, Dan Forte, Lisa Sharken, Rich Kienzle, Michael Dregni, John Heidt, John Peden, and others.

Prown has written for Guitar Player, Guitar One, Guitar for the Practicing Musician, Car Stereo Review, Musician's Planet, InTune Monthly , Music Alive, Philadelphia Magazine , as well as many others.

Other Work From 1998 to 2013, Pete Prown was also editor of the gardening magazine Green Scene for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, based in Philadelphia. He's also edited several books (such as Jane Godshalk's Flower Arranging Secrets), and is an accomplished photographer and communicator.

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