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Rasmus Bjerg
Rasmus Bjerg

(1976-07-28) 28 July 1976 (age 43)
Known for P.I.S. - Politiets Indsats Styrke

Rasmus Bjerg (born 28 July 1976) is a Danish actor, comedian and singer.


He has enjoyed much success alongside Jonas Schmidt, in series like P.I.S. - Politiets Indsats Styrke , Wulffmorgenthaler , Dolph & Wulff and Jul i Verdensrummet .

He is mostly recognized in the comedy genre, but has also been seen in other genres. Rasmus Bjerg has also been featured in several commercials, such as Tuborg commercials and Lalandia commercials.



  • Møgunger (2003) .... Betjent Halding
  • Princess (2006)
  • Til døden os skiller (2007) .... Alf
  • Frode og alle de andre rødder (2008) .... Vicevært
  • Flame & Citron (2008) .... Smalle
  • Rejsen Til Saturn (2008) .... Agent 2 (voice)
  • Wall-E (2008) .... The Captain (Danish voice-over)
  • Max Pinlig (2008) .... Carlo
  • Oldboys (2009) .... Henrik B
  • Parterapi (2010) .... Bo
  • Nothing's All Bad (2010) .... Pornoshopindehaver
  • Med lukkede øjne (2010) .... Michael
  • All for One (2011) .... Timo
  • Sover Dolly på ryggen? (2012) .... Laus
  • Alle for to (2013) .... Timo
  • Player (2013) .... Michael Helge
  • Gentlemen (2014) .... Errol
  • All Inclusive (2014) .... Henrik
  • Iqbal & den hemmelige opskrift (2015) .... Æselmand
  • Den magiske juleæske (2016) .... Krampus (voice)
  • Iqbal & superchippen (2016) .... Æselmand
  • Alle for tre (2017) .... Timo
  • Sikke et cirkus: Det mystiske mysterium (2017) .... Cirkusdirektør Kaj
  • Jeg er William (2017) .... Morbror Nils
  • The Way to Mandalay (2018) .... John Mogensen
  • A Fortunate Man (2018) .... Eybert
  • Danmarks sønner (2019) .... Martin Nordahl
  • Ser du månen, Daniel (2019) .... Tue Berg
  • Gooseboy (2019) .... Togkontrollør
  • Kollision (2019) .... Svendsen


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