Readerlink Distribution Services

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Readerlink Distribution Services
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Oak Brook, Illinois
Key peopleDennis E. Abboud
Publication typesHardcover, trade, & paperback books
Revenue> $1 billion (2016)
No. of employees1,300
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Readerlink Distribution Services, is a publisher and distributor of books based in Oak Brook, Illinois. Readerlink is the largest distributor of books to mass merchandisers in United States, [1] and the largest distributor of hardcover, trade and paperback books to non-trade channel booksellers in North America. Servicing approximately 66,000 storefronts in the United States, Readerlink distributes approximately one out of every three consumer trade books sold in the country. [2] As of 2016, the company has distribution centers in Clearfield, Utah; Denton, Texas; Romeoville, Illinois; Salem, Virginia; and Winder, Georgia. [2] Dennis E. Abboud serves as Readerlink's President and CEO. [1]

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