Ronde van Limburg (Belgium)

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Tour of Limburg
Race details
DateMid May
Region Limburg, Belgium
English nameTour of Limburg
Local name(s)Ronde van Limburg (in Dutch)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
TypeOne-day race
Web site OOjs UI icon edit-ltr-progressive.svg
First edition1950 (1950)
Editions66 (as of 2019)
First winnerFlag of Belgium (civil).svg  Jan Bogaerts  (BEL)
Most winsFlag of Belgium (civil).svg  Ernest Sterckx  (BEL)
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Willy Vannitsen  (BEL)
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Jozef Abelshausen  (BEL)
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Eric Vanderaerden  (BEL)
Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Mathieu van der Poel  (NED)
(2 wins)
Most recentFlag of Romania.svg  Eduard-Michael Grosu  (ROM)

The Tour of Limburg is a European single day cycle race held in the Belgian region of Limburg. The race was first organized in 1933 and remained on the calendar until 1994, with the course typically in and around the city of Sint-Truiden. After 1994 it was no longer organised until it was reinstated in 2012 as a 1.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour, with the host city now Tongeren.


1933Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Frans Bonduel Dilecta-Wolber
1934Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Lode Roels Van Hauwaert
1935Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Frans Van Hassel Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson
1936Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Michel D'Hooghe Van Hauwaert
1937Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Alfons Schepers Colin-Wolber
1938Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Joseph Huts Labor
1939Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Frans Spiessens Helyett-Hutchinson
1940No race
1941Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Albert Dubuisson Helyett-Hutchinson
1942Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Gustaaf Van Overloop Alcyon-Dunlop
1943Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Marcel Kint Mercier-Hutchinson
1944Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Ernest Sterckx A. Trialoux-Wolber
1945Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Éloi Meulenberg Alcyon-Dunlop
1946Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Edward Van Dijck Roberty
1947Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Georges Claes Thompson
1948Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Karel Leysen L'Express
1949Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Rik Van Steenbergen Mercier-Hutchinson
1950Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Jean Bogaerts Ruche-Dunlop
1951Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Henri Serin Garin-Wolber
1952Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Roger De Corte Groene Leeuw
1953Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Gaston De Wachter L'Express
1954Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Edward Peeters Peugeot-Dunlop
1955Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Ernest Sterckx L'Avenir
1956Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Frans Schoubben Elvé-Peugeot
1957Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Willy Vannitsen Peugeot-BP-Dunlop
1958Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Roger Baens Cureghem Sportif
1959Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Valère Paulissen Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1960Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Willy Vannitsen Carpano
1961Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Martin Van Geneugden Carpano
1962Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Peter Post Flandria-Faema
1963Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Jos Wouters Solo-Terrot-Van Steenbergen
1964Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Jos Dewit Pelforth-Sauvage-Lejeune
1965Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Georges Van Coningsloo Peugeot-BP-Michelin
1966Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Fernand Deferm Mann-Grundig
1967Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Edward Sels Flandria-De Clerck
1968Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Leo Duyndam Smith's
1969Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Willy Vekemans Goldor-Hertekamp
1970Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Jan Van Katwijk Willem II-Gazelle
1971No race
1972Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Jozef Abelshausen Watney-Avia
1973Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Jozef Abelshausen Ijsboerke-Bertin
1974Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Frans Verbeeck Watney-Maes Pils
1975Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Guido Van Sweevelt Maes Pils-Watney
1976Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Frans Van Looy Molteni-Campagnolo
1977Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Marcel Laurens Ijsboerke-Colnago
1978Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Willem Peeters Ijsboerke-Gios
1979Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Guido Van Sweevelt Ijsboerke-Warncke Eis
1980Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Daniel Willems Ijsboerke-Warncke Eis
1981Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Ludwig Wijnants Capri Sonne
1982Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Werner Devos Boule d'Or-Sunair
1983Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Rudy Matthijs Boule d'Or-Colnago
1984Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Noël De Jonckheere Teka
1985Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Eric Vanderaerden Panasonic
1986Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Ad Wijnands Kwantum–Decosol–Yoko
1987Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Wim Arras PDM–Concorde
1988Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Eric Vanderaerden Panasonic-Isostar
1989Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Jerry Cooman S.E.F.B.
1990Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Eddy Planckaert Panasonic-Sportlife
1991No race
1992Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Jans Koerts PDM–Concorde
1993Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Patrick Van Roosbroeck La William-Duvel
1994Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Marc Wauters WordPerfect–Colnago–Decca
No race
2012Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Kevin Claeys Landbouwkrediet–Euphony
2013Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Olivier Chevalier Wallonie-Bruxelles
2014Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel BKCP–Powerplus
2015Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Björn Leukemans Wanty–Groupe Gobert
2016Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Kenny Dehaes Wanty–Groupe Gobert
2017Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium Wout van Aert Vérandas Willems–Crelan
2018Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands Mathieu van der Poel Corendon–Circus
2019Flag of Romania.svg  Romania Eduard-Michael Grosu Delko–Marseille Provence

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Beverbeek Classic is a single-day bicycle road race held annually in Hamont-Achel, in the Belgian region of Limburg. From 1998 to 2003, it was reserved to amateurs. Since 2005, it is organized as a 1.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour.

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The 2017 Volta Limburg Classic was a one-day road cycling race that took place on 1 April 2017. It was the 44th edition of the Volta Limburg Classic and was rated as a 1.1 event as part of the 2017 UCI Europe Tour.

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The 2019 Volta Limburg Classic was the 46th edition of the Volta Limburg Classic cycle race and was held on 6 April 2019 as part of the 2019 UCI Europe Tour. The race started and finished in Eijsden. The race was won by Patrick Müller.