Sands of the Desert

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Sands of the Desert
"Sands of the Desert" (1960).jpg
Original UK quad poster
Directed by John Paddy Carstairs
Written by
  • John Paddy Carstairs (screenplay)
  • Charlie Drake (additional dialogue)
Story by
Produced byGordon Scott
Starring Charlie Drake
Cinematography Gilbert Taylor
Edited by Richard Best
Music by Stanley Black
Distributed by Warner-Pathé Distributors (UK)
Release date
8 September 1960 (UK)
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Sands of the Desert is a 1960 British adventure comedy film directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Charlie Drake in his first lead role in a feature film, Peter Arne, Sarah Branch and Raymond Huntley.



Charlie Sands, a British travel agent is sent to run a holiday camp in the Arabian Peninsula after his predecessor is assassinated because the property is sitting on a potential oilfield. [1]


Box Office

Kine Weekly called it a "money maker" at the British box office in 1960. [2]

Critical reception

TV Guide described it as "a mildly amusing comedy that never really delivers its laugh quota, due primarily to its uneven script. Drake, a popular British television comic of the day, is good, though the movies are clearly not his metier." [3]

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