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Santiago Gamboa (Caracas, November 2011) Santiago Gamboa 2011.JPG
Santiago Gamboa (Caracas, November 2011)

Santiago Gamboa (born 1965) is a Colombian writer. [1]



Born in Bogotá, he studied literature at the Javerian University of Bogotá. He moved to Spain, where he remained until 1990 and graduated in Hispanic philology at the University of Alcalá de Henares. He then moved to Paris, where he studied Cuban literature at the Sorbonne.

He made his debut as a novelist with Páginas de vuelta (1995); later he wrote Perder es cuestión de método (1997), which was translated into Italian, French, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, and German. Later he published Vida feliz de un joven llamado Esteban (2000). He is also the author of the travel book Octubre en Pekín (2001).

In 2009, Gamboa published Necropolis, a novel that won that year's La Otra Orilla Literary Prize. In 2012 the novel was published in English by Europa Editions.

As a journalist, he has been a contributor to the Latin American Service of Radio France International in Paris, a correspondent for El Tiempo and columnist for the magazine Cromos . He lives in Italy.


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