Second Bureau (1936 film)

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Second Bureau
Directed by Victor Hanbury
Written by
Produced by John Stafford
Cinematography James Wilson
Edited by Ralph Thomas
Music by Jack Beaver
Distributed by RKO Pictures
Release date
December 1936
Running time
75 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Second Bureau is a 1936 British spy romance film directed by Victor Hanbury and starring Marta Labarr, Charles Oliver and Arthur Wontner. It was made at Shepperton Studios [1] and based on a novel Second Bureau by Charles Robert-Dumas. It was a remake of a 1935 French film of the same name.


The film's title refers to the French military intelligence outfit Deuxième Bureau.


A French spy, Captain Paul Benoit, manages to steal some German secrets. The Germans send Erna Fielder, an agent of their own, after him, but the two spies end up falling in love.


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