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Seniora Doll or Senora Doll was a Sherbro princess or 'Duchess' of the Ya Kumba ruling house of the Yawri Bay Area between the Sierra Leone peninsula and the Sherbro estuary. In the late 17th century she married an English trader and Royal African Company agent, Thomas Corker, and their two sons Stephen and Robin ruled as the first Caulker chiefs through her royal lineage. She died in 1722, twenty two years after Thomas Corker died in 1700 in England. [1] [ self-published source ]

Sherbro people ethnic group

The Sherbro people are a native people of Sierra Leone, who speak the Sherbro language; they make up 3% of Sierra Leone's population or about 201,000. The Sherbros are primarily found in their homeland in Bonthe District, where they make up 45% of the population, in coastal areas of Moyamba District, and in the Western Area of Sierra Leone, particularly in Freetown. During pre-colonial days, the Sherbro were one of the most dominant ethnic group in Sierra Leone, but today only few ethnic Sherbro are found in Sierra Leone. The Sherbro speak their own language called Sherbro language which is closely related to Temne language spoken by the country's largest ethnic group the Temnes. The vast majority of Sherbro people are Christian.

Yawri Bay

Yawri Bay is a bay in the coast of Sierra Leone on the Atlantic Ocean.

Sierra Leone republic in West Africa

Sierra Leone, officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, informally Salone, is a country on the southwest coast of West Africa. It has a tropical climate, with a diverse environment ranging from savanna to rainforests. The country has a total area of 71,740 km2 (27,699 sq mi) and a population of 7,075,641 as of the 2015 census. Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic with a directly elected president and a unicameral legislature. Sierra Leone has a dominant unitary central government. The president is the head of state and the head of government. The country's capital and largest city is Freetown. Sierra Leone is made up of five administrative regions: the Northern Province, North West Province, Eastern Province, Southern Province and the Western Area. These regions are subdivided into sixteen districts.

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Bonthe District Place in Southern Province, Sierra Leone

Bonthe District is a district comprises several islands and mainland of the Atlantic Ocean in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. Its capital is the town of Mattru Jong and its largest city is Bonthe, on Sherbro Island. As of the 2015 census, the district had a population of 200,730. Bonthe District is one of the sixteen districts of Sierra Leone. Bonthe District is subdivided into eleven chiefdoms.

Thomas Canry Caulker (1846–1859) was the Sherbro-born son of the King of Bompey. He is an early example, predating the formal proclamation of the Sierra Leone Protectorate, of a West African arriving in England for an education, to meet the rising international demands on traditional states for government and commerce, and illustrating the growth in influence of evangelical Christianity in the region, introduced largely by American abolitionists.

Thomas Corker was a prominent English agent for the Royal African Company and worked in the Sherbro, Sierra Leone. His descendants are still living in that area and are the Bonthe and Shenge Caulkers. Corker was originally from Dublin, Ireland; he was descended from the Dublin/Cornwall Corker family.

James Corker or James Cleveland was a man of English descent who took part in clan fighting in precolonial Sierra Leone.

The Tuckers of Sherbro are an Afro-European clan from the Southern region of Sierra Leone. The clan's progenitors were an English trader and agent, John Tucker, and a Sherbro princess. Starting in the 17th Century, the Tuckers ruled over one of the most powerful chiefdoms in the Sherbro country of Southern Sierra Leone, centered on the village of Gbap.

Christian Caulker is a Sierra Leonean footballer who is currently suspended indefinitely over allegations of match-fixing.

John Tucker was an English slave trader for the Royal African Company from London, England.

John Kizell was a first-generation African American of Sherbro origin and a key figure in the early history of Sierra Leone. Kizell was a Black Loyalist and a Baptist who belonged to the David George (Baptist) congregation of African Americans. Kizell served as an intermediary between the British colonial government and inhabitants of his native Sherbro Island off the coast of Sierra Leone, including Sherbro Caulkers and Sherbro Clevelands. Kizell was one of only 50 African-American immigrants to Sierra Leone who was born in Africa. Kizell also worked with agents of the American Colonization Society, including Samuel Bacon and Samuel Crozer, as well as with African American settlers to help colonize the territory that would later become the Republic of Liberia.

William Clevland (king) King of the Banana Islands

William Clevland was an Anglo-Scot who became the self-appointed King of the Banana Islands off the coast of present-day Sierra Leone.

Tombo, Sierra Leone Place in Western Area, Sierra Leone

Tombo is a coastal fishing town located on the southern coast of the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone. The town is approximately 30 miles (49 km) east of Freetown. The major industry in Tombo is fishing. Other industries in the town include coal mining and farming. Tombo is a major trade and transport hub for fishing boat.

Caulker is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

York Island is an island in Sierra Leone. It is a small island located 2 km (1.2 mi) to the east of Bonthe, Sherbro Island. It is part of the Bonthe Island Municipality.

Stephen Caulker was a king of the Banana Islands off the coast of present-day Sierra Leone. The mixed-race descendant of an English trader and his African wife, he was part of a Caulker hereditary dynasty that ruled as paramount chiefs in the states of Bumpe and Shenge (Kagboro) in Sierra Leone from 1820 into the late 20th century.

The Sierra Leone Creole people is an ethnic group in Sierra Leone. The Creole people are descendants of freed African American, West Indian and Liberated African slaves who settled in the Western Area of Sierra Leone between 1787 and about 1885. The colony was established by the British, supported by abolitionists, under the Sierra Leone Company as a place for freedmen. The settlers called their new settlement Freetown. Today, the Creoles comprise about 2% of the population of Sierra Leone.

Richard Canreba Caulker (18??–1901) was ruler of the Bumpe Chiefdom, 1864–1888 and 1894–1901. He was a member of the Caulker family, descendants of Thomas Corker.

Charles B. Caulker is Paramount Chief of Bumpe Chiefdom, Moyamba District, Southern Province, Sierra Leone.

Thomas Neale-Caulker was chief of Kagboro in Sierra Leone (1888–1898). He was killed during the Hut Tax War of 1898, in which he sided with the government and was reproached for his brutality.

Thomas Stephen Caulker (????–1871), also known as Bar Tham, was the chief of Kagboro in Sierra Leone (1888–1898).

The Caulker family of Sierra Leone is an influential family which was established by the English slave trader Thomas Corker.


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