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SkyscraperPage is a website for skyscraper hobbyists and enthusiasts [3] [4] that tracks existing and proposed skyscrapers around the world. [5] The site is owned by Skyscraper Source Media, a supplier of skyscraper diagrams for the publication, marketing, and display industries, and is a publisher of illustrated skyscraper diagram poster products. [6] drawings have appeared in National Geographic's website, Wired, Condé Nast, The Globe and Mail and Report on Business Magazine. [4] They are based in Victoria, British Columbia. [7]


The site has a database of scale-model illustration skyscrapers and other major macro-engineering projects, and tall structures around the world. [8] The scale of the drawings are one pixel per meter. [4] The images are created using pixel art. [3] Using these diagrams, skyscrapers and other tall structures from any cities can be compared. General information is also given about each structure if available, such as the location, the year built, the height and the number of floors.

The discussion forum section of the site has over 6 million posts spread over 100,000 threads in 32 different sections.

The site has over 60,000 custom made drawings of skyscrapers and other tower-type objects which were submitted by the site's 850 designers. [9]

Comparison of towers in Tallinn in the style of SkyscraperPage

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Kingdom Centre Skyscraper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Centre is a 99-story, 302.3 m (992 ft) skyscraper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When completed in 2002, it overtook the 267-meter Faisaliyah Tower as the tallest tower in Saudi Arabia. It has since been surpassed and is now the fifth-tallest skyscraper in the country, whose tallest two buildings are the Abraj Al Bait Towers and the Capital Market Authority Tower. It is the world's third-tallest building with a hole after the Shanghai World Financial Center and the 85 Sky Tower in Taiwan.

First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple is a church located at the base and in the utmost floors of the Chicago Temple Building, a skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois. The top of the building is at a height of 173 metres (568 feet).

MRT Center building in Skopje, North Macedonia.

MRT Center is a modern-era high rise building in Skopje, North Macedonia. At 70 m high, it was the tallest building in the country from its completion until the taller 130 m Sky City Sky Scrapers project was built in 2015 . Constructed in 1984, the MRT Center is completely owned by Macedonian Radio-Television, as its headquarters.

The Houston Tower was a plan for a 500-story skyscraper conceived in the 1970s to be built in Houston, originally designed as a research project for the feasibility of a 500-story building. American Architect Robert B. Sobel of Emery Roth & Sons, with engineer and fellow American Nat W. Krahl of Rice University, created a concept for a 500-story building made from 200-foot sided bundled triangular tubes. Sobel had theorized the construction of a 500-story building as early as 1974.

Sky City (Changsha) proposed building

Sky City, or Sky City One, was an 838-metre-tall (2,749 ft) planned skyscraper in the city of Changsha, Hunan in south-central China. The prospective builders, Broad Sustainable Building, estimated it would take just 90 days to construct. Including the 120 days required for prefabrication before on-site work commences, the sum of time needed is 210 days. Pre-construction activities were halted in August 2013 after government regulators required additional approvals.

SkyscraperCity website

SkyscraperCity, also known as, is the world's largest online forum on skyscrapers and urban related topics. The website, which currently runs on XenForo, was founded in 2002 by Dutch economist Jan Klerks running on vBulletin, in order to share and solicit comment on urban development in Rotterdam. It gradually expanded to include other city and country subforums, eventually encompassing the entire world.


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