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Spoed is a Belgian action drama TV series produced in the Dutch language in Belgium since 2000. The series is also shown on both Flemish/Belgian TV and Dutch TV. The series is directed by Johan Thiels and Guy Thys. The series has produced 217 episodes to date. It may be compared to the American TV programs ER or Chicago Hope .

Main cast

Actress Grietje Vanderheijden has also made an appearance in the series.

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Russian Dolls: Sex Trade is a Flemish drama series about a group of women from Lithuania and Russia who are taken to Belgium by a gang involved in the sex trade to work as sex slaves. The series starts in Lithuania, where the girls are chosen and where they have to sign a contract in Greek, which they cannot understand. The gang, under the lead of Ray Van Mechelen, takes the girls to Cyprus and from there they are taken to Club 69 in Belgium to work. Russian Dolls is sponsored by the Flemish Audiovisual Fund.

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Grietje Vanderheijden is a Belgian actress. She studied music at the conservatories of Brussels & Antwerp (Belgium). During and after her studies she appeared in multiple Belgian musicals such as "Cinderella", "The Wizard of Oz", "Sleeping Beauty", "Pinocchio", "Robin Hood" and "Peter Pan", in which she played the role of Tiger Lily and understudy for Wendy.

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Leo Madder is a Belgian television actor.

Arlette Sterckx is a Belgian television actress.

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Franka is a popular Dutch comic book series drawn and written since the mid-1970s by the graphic artist Henk Kuijpers. The principal character is a strong female Dutch sleuth who solves mysteries in exotic locales.

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The Masked Singer is a Belgian reality singing competition television series based on the Masked Singer franchise which originated from the South Korean version of the show King of Mask Singer. It premiered on VTM on 18 September 2020, and is hosted by Niels Destadsbader. The winner of the first series was Sandra Kim. The winner of the second series was Camille Dhont.