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Sweet Silence Studios was the leading Danish recording studio for rock music during most of its existence. It was originally built in Amager by Danish engineers Freddy Hansson and Stig Kreutzfeldt beginning in February 1976. Flemming Rasmussen was immediately hired as assistant engineer, who later became producer and main engineer, taking full ownership of the studio in 1999. [1] [2] The studios relocated a short distance in the late 90s, sometimes being credited as "Sweet Silence Upstairs Studios" afterward, and closed in 2008. The building was demolished in 2009 to make way for an apartment complex and a car park. [3] Rasmussen then moved to Winding Road Studios in Copenhagen, where he stayed until opening Sweet Silence North in Helsingør in January 2015. [1]

1976 Lone Star Lone Star
1976 Gasolin' Efter endnu en dag
1977 Dr. Hook Makin' Love and Music
1977 Shit & Chanel Shit & Chanel Nº 5
1978 Ringo Starr Aborted sessions. Vocals for “As Far As We Can Go” were utilized for Starr’s 1983 limited release album Old Wave
1978 C.V. Jørgensen Vild i varmen
1978 Doug Raney Quartet Introducing Doug Raney
1979 Bifrost Læn Dem ikke ud
1980 Kliché Supertanker
1980 Chet Baker Quartet No Problem
1981 Rainbow Difficult to Cure
1983 Rainbow Bent Out of Shape
1984 Metallica Ride the Lightning
1985 Doug Raney Quintet Lazy Bird
1986 Metallica Master of Puppets
1987 Pretty Maids Future World
1990 King Diamond The Eye
1991 Mercyful Fate/King Diamond A Dangerous Meeting
1998 Ace of Base Cruel Summer

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Knud Rasmussen Greenlandic–Danish polar explorer and anthropologist

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<i>Ride the Lightning</i> 1984 studio album by Metallica

Ride the Lightning is the second studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released on July 27, 1984, by the independent record label Megaforce Records. The album was recorded in three weeks with producer Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. The artwork, based on a concept by the band, depicts an electric chair being struck by lightning flowing from the band logo. The title was taken from a passage in Stephen King's novel The Stand. Although rooted in the thrash metal genre, the album showcased the band's musical growth and lyrical sophistication. This was partly because bassist Cliff Burton introduced the basics of music theory to the rest of the band and had more input in the songwriting. Instead of relying heavily on fast tempos as on its debut Kill 'Em All, Metallica broadened its approach by employing acoustic guitars, extended instrumentals, and more complex harmonies. The overall recording costs were paid by Metallica's European label Music for Nations because Megaforce was unable to cover it. It is the last album to feature songwriting contributions from former lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, and the first to feature contributions from his replacement, Kirk Hammett.

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Flemming Rasmussen is a Danish sound engineer, record producer, and owner and founder of Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rasmussen is currently main engineer/producer at Sweet Silence North in Helsingør.

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<i>Gør det noget</i> 1977 studio album by Gasolin

Gør det Noget is Danish rock group Gasolin's seventh studio album. When Gasolin' released Gør det Noget in November 1977, they knew it was their last album. After the ambitious Gas 5 and Efter endnu en dag, Gasolin' decided to make a garage-rock album. Therefore, the service of Roy Thomas Baker was not needed and Gør det Noget was produced by Gasolin' and "Rocco" Tommy Bogs.

<i>Live i Skandinavien</i> 1978 live album by Gasolin

Live i Skandinavien is a live album by Danish rock band Gasolin' that was released in November 1978.

<i>Derudaf Forever</i> 1993 live album by Gasolin

Derudaf Forever is a live album by Danish rock band Gasolin', released 15 years after it was recorded.

<i>Killin Time</i> (Gasolin album) 1978 studio album by Gasolin

Killin' Time was recorded in the spring of 1977 and released in Denmark in the summer of 1978. In Sweden it was released as Tivoli. It was Gasolin's fourth and last album with English lyrics. Actually it was their last studio album release, although Gør det Noget was the last album they recorded.

<i>Efter endnu en dag</i> 1976 studio album by Gasolin

Efter endnu en dag is the sixth studio album by Gasolin' and was released in November 1976. It was the last Gasolin' album to be produced by Roy Thomas Baker.

<i>Enter the Grave</i> 2007 studio album by Evile

Enter the Grave is the debut album by the English thrash metal band Evile. Released on 27 August 2007 in Europe and on 25 September in North America and Japan, the album received generally favorable reviews and entered the UK Rock Chart at number 33. It was produced by Flemming Rasmussen and recorded at Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark. Rasmussen had produced three Metallica albums, which raised the profile of the album's release. The track "Thrasher" was included on the 2008 Earache Thrash Pack, a downloadable selection of songs for the music video console game Rock Band.

<i>A Foreign Affair</i> (Gasolin album) 1997 compilation album by Gasolin

A Foreign Affair is a double CD compilation album released by Danish rock band Gasolin' in 1997.

Eye of the Eagle is a 1997 Danish medieval adventure film directed by Peter Flinth. Based on an original screenplay by Bjarne O. Henriksen, it takes place in Denmark during 1218. Filming primarily took place at the Asserbo Castle ruins in Denmark, Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, and Tisvilde Strand at Tisvildeleje in Denmark. The film won five of Denmark's Robert Awards in 1998.

Michael Færk Christensen Danish cyclist

Michael Færk Christensen is a Danish professional racing cyclist.

Daniel Kreutzfeldt is a Danish track cyclist. His brother, Christian, is also a racing cyclist.

<i>Lone Star</i> (album) 1976 studio album by Lone Star

Lone Star is the eponymous debut studio album by Welsh hard rock band Lone Star. The album was released in August 1976. The album was produced by Roy Thomas Baker, who is best known for his work with Queen and The Cars. The album was later re-issue on CD in 1992 & 1996 by CBS Records/Sony. The album only spent 1 week in the UK Albums Charts reaching number 47. The album was produced at Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark and mastered at Sterling Sound Studios, New York, United States.


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