Tahir Hamid Nguilin

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Tahir Hamid Nguilin or Tahir Hamit Nguilign is a Chadian politician. He currently serves as Minister of Finance and Budget. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

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Moussa Faki Mahamat is a Chadian politician and diplomat who has been Chairperson of the African Union Commission since 14 March 2017. Previously he was Prime Minister of Chad from 24 June 2003 to 4 February 2005 and Minister of Foreign Affairs from April 2008 to January 2017. Faki, a member of the ruling Patriotic Salvation Movement (MPS), belongs to the Zaghawa ethnic group, the same group as President Idriss Déby.

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Ingrid Ebouka-Babackas is a Congolese politician. She is Minister of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration since May 7, 2016. She was previously Director General of National Financial Institutions at the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Budget and Public Portfolio.

The Agence nationale de sécurité (ANS) is the intelligence agency of the Republic of Chad. It is the successor of the Documentation and Security Directorate (DDS) which was created by the former President Hissène Habré. The current Director is Kogri Ahmed, who was appointed May 2013 by current President Idriss Déby. While the ANS was not created as a law enforcement agency they were given powers of arrest in 2017.

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Hinda Déby Itno born is the Chadian First Lady.

Gisèle Bedan is a politician from the Central African Republic. She was Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research from 2014-15, serving in two governments.

Colonel Dinar was a Chadian comedian.

Bintou Malloum was a Chadian politician, and the first ambassador of Chad to Germany, Republic of Congo, and Italy.

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The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached Chad in March 2020.

Sani Yaya is at Togolese politician. He is the current Minister of finance of Togo. He assumed office on 1 August 2016 and has since been in office.


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