Tales of the South Seas

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Tales of the South Seas
Directed by Donald Crombie
Ian Barry
Ian Gilmour
Scott Hartford-Davis
Brendan Maher
Starring William Snow
Rene Naufahu
Rachel Blakely
Adrian Wright
Kimberley Joseph
Mark Lee
Rowena King
ComposersGarry McDonald
Lawrence Stone
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes22
Executive producersJeffrey M. Hayes
Marla Ginsberg
ProducerDarryl Sheen
Running time45 minutes
Production companiesCLT Television
Gaumont Television
South Pacific Pictures
Village Roadshow Pictures
Original networkChannel Ten
First shown in1998

Tales of the South Seas is an Australian TV series. [1]




No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1"Paradise Regained"TBATBA1998 (1998)
2"The Devil's Pearl"TBATBA1998 (1998)
3"The Locket"Donald CrombiePeter McCabe1998 (1998)
4"Lessons for a Warrior"TBATBA1998 (1998)
5"Trent in Love"TBATBA1998 (1998)
6"The Fiery Messiah"TBATBA1998 (1998)
7"Blackbirding"Ian GilmourTeleplay by: Sean Clark
Story by: Peter McCabe
1998 (1998)
8"The Rabblercrouser"TBATBA1998 (1998)
9"Isabelle's Brother"TBATBA1998 (1998)
10"The Boxer Rebellion"TBATBA1998 (1998)
11"The Statue"TBATBA1998 (1998)
12"Fool's Gold"TBATBA1998 (1998)
13"The Assassin"TBATBA1998 (1998)
14"The Outlaws"TBATBA1998 (1998)
15"Fatal Shore"TBATBA1998 (1998)
16"Fast Company"TBATBA1998 (1998)
17"The Eye of Tangaroa"TBATBA1998 (1998)
18"Rock of Ages"TBATBA1998 (1998)
19"Grief and the Lepers"TBATBA1998 (1998)
20"The Compass and the Killer"TBATBA1998 (1998)
21"The Tender Trap"TBATBA1998 (1998)
22"The End of Jenny"TBATBA1998 (1998)

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