Ted Geoghegan

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Ted J. Geoghegan
Born (1979-08-10) August 10, 1979 (age 39)
Beaverton, Oregon
Occupation Screenwriter, Film Director, Publicist
Genre Horror

Filmmaker and publicist Ted Geoghegan (born August 10, 1979 in Beaverton, Oregon, United States) grew up in Great Falls, Montana, [1] attending private and public schools and studying film extensively. He attended The University of Montana in Missoula, Montana and attained a degree in English Education. [2]

Beaverton, Oregon City in Oregon, United States

Beaverton is a city in Washington County, in the U.S. state of Oregon. The city center is 7 miles (11 km) west of downtown Portland in the Tualatin River Valley. As of the 2010 census, the population is 89,803. This makes it the second-largest city in the county and Oregon's sixth-largest city. Fire protection are provided through Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, EMS services are provided by Metro West Ambulance

Great Falls, Montana City and County seat in Montana, United States

Great Falls is a city in and the county seat of Cascade County, Montana, United States. The 2017 census estimate put the population at 58,638. The population was 58,505 at the 2010 census. It is the principal city of the Great Falls, Montana Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses all of Cascade County and has a population of 82,278. Great Falls was the largest city in Montana from 1950 to 1970, when Billings surpassed it. Great Falls remained the second largest city in Montana until 2000, when it was passed by Missoula. Since then Great Falls has been the third largest city in the state.

University of Montana public research university located in Missoula, Montana

The University of Montana (UM) is a public research university in Missoula, Montana. UM is a flagship institution of the Montana University System and its second largest campus. The University’s mission focuses on integrating the liberal arts and sciences into undergraduate, graduate and professional studies.


Geoghegan is best known for his work in the horror genre. He is also a film publicist. [3]

Horror film film genre

A horror film is a film that seeks to elicit fear. Initially inspired by literature from authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley, horror has existed as a film genre for more than a century. The macabre and the supernatural are frequent themes. Horror may also overlap with the fantasy, supernatural fiction, and thriller genres.

Selected filmography

Satanic Panic is an upcoming comedy horror film directed by Chelsea Stardust, based on a screenplay written by novelist Grady Hendrix and adapted from a story created by Hendrix and Ted Geoghegan. It is a production of Aperture Entertainment and Fangoria Films.

The following tables list films released in 2019.

<i>Mohawk</i> (2017 film) 2017 film by Ted Geoghegan

Mohawk is a 2017 American political action-horror film directed by Ted Geoghegan, co-written by Geoghegan and novelist Grady Hendrix, and starring Kaniehtiio Horn, Ezra Buzzington, Noah Segan, and professional wrestler Jonathan "Luke Harper" Huber in his feature film debut.


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