The Bureaucrats (1936 film)

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The Bureaucrats
The Bureaucrats (1936 film).jpg
Directed by Yves Mirande
Written by
Produced by Bernard Simon
Edited by
Music by
Paris Ciné Films
Distributed byCompagnie Commerciale Française Cinématographique
Release date
15 December 1936
Running time
95 minutes
Language French

The Bureaucrats (French: Messieurs les ronds de cuir) is a 1936 French comedy film directed by Yves Mirande and starring Lucien Baroux, Pierre Larquey and Gabriel Signoret. [1] It was remade as 1959 film of the same title.



The film, which is a satire of government bureaucracy, is about public servants who spend so much time sitting in their office chairs that they need to order special cushions for their buttocks. The premise is referenced in the original French title Messieurs les ronds de cuir, which translates into Men with the leather circles, alludes to.



The film's sets were designed by the art director René Renoux.

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