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The Land Report
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The Land Report's first cover (April 1, 2007)
Editor Eric O'Keefe
Categories Newsmagazine
PublisherEddie Lee Rider
First issueApril 1, 2007
CompanyLand Report, LLC
Based in Dallas, Texas
Language English
ISSN 1943-9709

The Land Report is an American magazine with a quarterly print edition. The magazine focuses on topics of interest to those who own or seek to own or invest in land.


In addition to its subscriber base, the print version of The Land Report is available at select Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble stores. The digital edition is available via Nook [1] and via The Land Report app. [2]

First published in April 2007, it bills itself as "The Magazine of the American Landowner." In its first year, it was recognized as one of the 15 hottest launches [3] in American media by Samir Husni. The magazine is best known for The Land Report 100, its annual list of America's largest private landowners. [4]

The magazine publishes annual rankings of various subjects, including America's 100 Largest Landowners, [5] America's Best Brokerages, and Top Auction Houses. Numerous high-profile landowners have been featured in the print edition of The Land Report, including Tom Brokaw, Francis Ford Coppola, Harrison Ford, Jill Rappaport, Nolan Ryan and Clint Eastwood.

The magazine's website,, features webcasts of many interviews from the print version, including Tom Brokaw, Francis Ford Coppola and Nolan Ryan.

Eric O'Keefe is editor-in-chief, and Eddie Lee Rider Jr. the publisher. The magazine is published by Land Report LLC in Dallas, Texas, USA.

America's Best Brokerages

The Land Report annually recognizes the top real estate firms across the country that specialize in timberland, productive farmland, income-producing properties, and recreational retreats. In 2017, the magazine highlighted firms in the following categories: National, Timber, Pacific, West, Great Plains, Great Lakes, Midwest, Northeast, South, and Southwest. [6]





Great Plains

Great Lakes





America's 100 Largest Landowners

The Land Report publishes an annual report on the nation's 100 largest private landowners, who collectively own approximately 34 million acres of land within the United States. [7]

  1. John Malone
  2. Ted Turner
  3. Emmerson Family
  4. Stan Kroenke
  5. Reed Family
  6. Irving Family
  7. Singleton Family
  8. Brad Kelley
  9. King Ranch Heirs
  10. Pingree Heirs
  11. Wilks Brothers
  12. Briscoe Family
  13. Ford Family
  14. Lykes Heirs
  15. O’Connor Heirs
  16. Martin Family
  17. D.R. Horton
  18. Stimson Family
  19. Westervelt Heirs
  20. Simplot Family
  21. Fisher Family
  22. Philip Anschutz
  23. Drummond Family
  24. McDonald Family
  25. Jeff Bezos
  26. Holding Family
  27. Malone Mitchell 3rd
  28. Collins Family
  29. Nunley Brothers
  30. Llano Partners Ltd.
  31. Bass Family
  32. Mike Smith
  33. Collier Family
  34. Kokernot Heirs
  35. Killam Family
  36. Lee Family
  37. Anne Marion
  38. Babbitt Heirs
  39. Shannon Kizer
  40. Galt Family
  41. Lyda Family
  42. Fasken Family
  43. Jones Family
  44. True Family
  45. Reynolds Family
  46. Sanders Family
  47. Paul Fireman
  48. Barta Family
  49. D.K. Boyd
  50. Koch Family
  51. Riggs Family
  52. Stefan Soloviev
  53. Kenedy Memorial Foundation
  54. Louis Bacon
  55. Bidegain Family
  56. Yates Family
  57. Cassidy Heirs
  58. Scott Family
  59. East Wildlife Foundation
  60. T.R. Miller Family
  61. Hearst Family
  62. Gage Heirs
  63. Cocanougher Family
  64. Eugene Gabrych
  65. Hunt Family
  66. Langdale Family
  67. Skiles Family
  68. Williams Family
  69. Bogle Family
  70. Durrett Family
  71. Robert Funk
  72. McCoy Remme Ranches
  73. Mike Mechenbier
  74. Broadbent Family
  75. Irwin Heirs
  76. Sugg Family
  77. Jones Sisters
  78. Cogdell Family
  79. Fanjul Family
  80. JA Ranch Heirs
  81. Ellison Family
  82. Boswell Family
  83. Eddy Family
  84. Richardson Heirs
  85. David Murdock
  86. Wells Family
  87. L-A-D Foundation
  88. Don Oppliger
  89. Benjy Griffith III
  90. Walker Family
  91. Gerald J. Ford
  92. Arthur Nicholas
  93. Friedkin Family
  94. Patrick Broe
  95. Harrison Family
  96. Lane Family
  97. Walker Heirs

Top Auction Houses

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