The Three Kings (film)

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The Three Kings
Directed by Hans Steinhoff
Written by Curt J. Braun
Henry Edwards
Starring Henry Edwards
Evelyn Holt
Warwick Ward
John F. Hamilton
Music by Hansheinrich Dransmann
Cinematography Nicolas Farkas
Distributed byBritish & Foreign
Release date
January 1929
Running time
6,284 feet [1]
United Kingdom
English/German intertitles

The Three Kings (German: Ein Mädel und drei Clowns) is a 1929 British-German silent drama film directed by Hans Steinhoff and starring Henry Edwards, Evelyn Holt and Warwick Ward. Separate versions were released in Germany and Britain. At a circus in Blackpool, a violent rivalry breaks out between two of the performers over a woman.



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