The Traitor (1957 film)

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The Traitor
"The Traitor" (1957).jpg
British theatrical poster
Directed by Michael McCarthy
Written byMichael McCarthy
Produced by Edwin J. Fancey
Starring Donald Wolfit
Robert Bray
Jane Griffiths
Anton Diffring
CinematographyBert Mason
Edited by Monica Kimick
Music byJackie Brown
Distributed byNew Realm Entertainment
Release date
March 1957
Running time
88 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The Traitor is a 1957 British drama film directed by Michael McCarthy and starring Donald Wolfit, Robert Bray, Jane Griffiths and Anton Diffring. [1]



A former resistance fighter tries to discover the traitor who has betrayed his colleagues in the German resistance during the Second World War.


Theme music

The film's title music, "Prelude Without A Name", and incidental music were written and conducted by Jackie Brown. The solo pianist was Dennis Wilson.

Critical reception

Sky Movies wrote, "The specially written musical piece, Prelude, which has a vital part to play in the plot's unfolding, is hauntingly appealing. But too much talk tends to spoil the script's surprises." [2] The Radio Times noted, "Nuance was not Donald Wolfit's strong suit, but he had presence and power in spades. He totally dominates this story with a bluster and conviction that keeps an uninspiring tale of the hunt for a Second World War traitor from falling flat on its face." [3] TV Guide concluded, "This is an offbeat espionage whodunit with some nervy moments." [4]

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