Thomas Clancy

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Thomas Clancy or Tom Clancy may refer to:

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Tierney is an Irish surname, and a female given name.

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Delaney is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic Ó Dubhshláine, Dubh meaning black and Sláine for the River Sláine (Slaney). DeLaney is also of Norman origin. There is a branch of Dulaneys in the United States who trace back to a Thomas Delany. Thomas's son, Daniel, claimed to have been descended from Dr. Gideon Delaune, a Huguenot physician and theologian and founder of the Apothecaries' Hall. Hence, there are multiple discussions among genealogical circles as to the origin of Delaney since it can be anglicised Gaelic or anglicised French.

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Clancy is an Irish name coming from the Gaelic Mac Fhlannchaidh/Mac Fhlannchadha, meaning "Son of the red/ruddy warrior", or as a hypocorism for Clarence.

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O'Cleary or O'Clery is the surname of a learned Gaelic Irish family. It is the oldest recorded surname in Europe — dating back to 916 AD — and is cognate with cleric and clerk. The O'Clearys are a sept of the Uí Fiachrach dynasty, who ruled the Kingdom of Connacht for nearly two millennia. As Connachta, the O'Cleary's ruled the kingdom of Uí Fiachrach Aidhne for nearly 800 years. They are the descendants of Fiachrae, son of the High King Eochaid Mugmedon, and elder brother of legendary High King Niall of the Nine Hostages. According to legend, they ultimately trace their ancestry back to the mythical Fir Bolg, as well as to Milesius, and consequently to Japheth, son of Noah.

Cahill is a name of Irish origin. It is the anglicised version of the Gaelic "Ó Cathail" meaning "descendant of Cathal".

Thomas, Tom, or Tommy Walsh may refer to:

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Hickey is a common surname of Irish origin. The original form Ó hÍceadha, which is still used in Ireland, was one of the Irish medical families in Gaelic times. Notable people with the surname include:

Thomas, Tom or Tommy Flynn may refer to:

Keogh is an Irish surname. It is a reduced Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Eochaidh or MacEochaidh, 'son of Eochaidh'. The personal name Eochaidh is in turn based upon the Gaelic word for horse . The spelling K'Eogh is used by one particular family, late of Kilbride House, County Carlow.

Aidan or Aiden are anglicised versions of the Irish male given name Aodhán. Phonetic variants such as Aiden have become more common. The Irish language female equivalent is Aodhnait.

Donnelly is an Irish surname. It is derived from the Gaelic Ó Donnghaile meaning 'descendant of Donnghal', a given name composed of the elements donn and gal ('valour'). O'Donnelly was historically of the Northern Uí Néill's Cenél nEoghain, descended from Donnghal, the great grandson of Domhnall, King of Ailech.